photos courtesy of NICKIE EVANS
A mother’s pain: Nickie Evans pours out her worries in a live-stream video on Facebook two days after her family’s vehicles came under gunfire as they left Lancaster for a beach vacation. With each word and each expression, her fear for her community is evident as she reflects on the incident that might have cost her family their lives.
Family panics as bullets fly, hitting cars but missing kids

Nickie Evans and her extended family were jammed into two vehicles at 1:23 p.m. April 13, headed to Myrtle Beach on vacation.
As they made the last turn out of their neighborhood, the gunfire began.
Evans thought the first shot was the sound of a nail gun or hammer at a house being built nearby.
“I’m turned around backward in the seat trying to adjust the baby’s bag when the second shot caught my attention,” Evans recalled a few days later. “Then I saw the three guys standing in the yard.