en Commentary: Graham reacts to Florence, Manafort plea, Mueller probe <p> <em>Editor&rsquo;s note: Sen. Graham appeared on CBS News&rsquo; &ldquo;Face the Nation&rdquo; last Sunday. Host John Dickerson interviewed him about the still-unfolding Hurricane Florence, the special counsel&rsquo;s investigation and North Korea. Here are excerpts.</em><br /> <br /> <strong>John Dickerson:</strong> South Carolina is seeing significant rain and flooding. Senator, how&rsquo;s the state doing?<br /> Column: Journalism under attack just as we need it most <p> When has the work of journalists been more important?<br /> Was it 50 years ago, when America&rsquo;s inner cities were burning and the Pentagon was hiding the scope and nature of the war in Vietnam?<br /> Or 100 years ago, when the administration of President Woodrow Wilson was muzzling newspapers and churning out propaganda in support of the nation&rsquo;s involvement in what would become known as World War I?<br /> Letter: Sign up now for IL Relay For Life <p> We&rsquo;re all set for registration for the upcoming Relay For Life season. Our event site is live at, so be sure to get signed up and invite your friends and family to do the same.<br /> Column: Creating community through conversation <p> On April 26, more than 80 members of the Lancaster community came together to take part in the Community Conversation on Civility in Public Life.<br /> Sponsored by the J. Marion Sims Foundation&rsquo;s Community Engagement Corps and USC Lancaster, this gathering was part of the National Week of Conversation, a nationwide effort to cultivate meaningful and respectful dialogue on our nation&rsquo;s greatest challenges. Across the nation, 131 communities across 35 states took part in their own conversations on civility.<br /> Column: Many counties miss out on spending from gas-tax hike <p> In the first year of a controversial law hiking the state&rsquo;s gasoline tax and other fees, the S.C. Department of Transportation spent no proceeds in 20 of South Carolina&rsquo;s 46 counties, newly released records show.<br /> Overall, only about $7 million, or 2.2 percent, of $312.6 million in total revenues collected from July 1, 2017, through June 30 was spent on &ldquo;external&rdquo; projects, according to agency records.<br /> Column: 3 S.C. members of Congress helped defeat newsprint tariff <p> Only three of our state&rsquo;s senators and congressmen actively worked to remove the tariff on newsprint, which threatened serious damage to the newspaper industry.<br /> Rep. Ralph Norman led the way. He sponsored the PRINT Act, testified before the International Trade Commission, and he was among several representatives who wrote a group letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in December.<br /> Rep. Mark Sanford also participated in the group letter that was sent to Ross.<br /> Sen. Lindsey Graham sponsored the PRINT Act and signed a joint Senate letter.<br /> Editor's Column: Fear of another Hugo makes us shudder <img src="" alt="The Sept. 22, 1989, edition of The Lancaster News shows the debris covering Main Street after Hugo’s rampage the night before." title="The Sept. 22, 1989, edition of The Lancaster News shows the debris covering Main Street after Hugo’s rampage the night before." align="left" hspace="6" width="111" height="85" /><p> If you are old enough to remember the night Hurricane Hugo sucker-punched this part of the state 29 years ago, you&rsquo;re probably spending today telling people how horrible it was.<br /> And you&rsquo;re warning them not to ignore the predictions about Florence, the 500-mile-wide Category 4 storm pointed straight at the Carolinas coast. Landfall is expected late Thursday.<br /> Candidate's Column: School board needs new philosophy <p> My name is Chris Campbell and I am running for the Lancaster County school board&rsquo;s District 7 seat to represent Indian Land.<br /> I&rsquo;ve lived here in Indian Land almost 10 years. I have two children who have attended ILES and ILMS, and now I have one at ILHS. I know many of you from the community and many from coaching and volunteer work&nbsp;in this community.<br /> We have seen a lot of growth in Lancaster County, by way of Indian Land, in the last 10 years, but I don&rsquo;t think we have been quite prepared for the growth.<br />