• Our kids in the southern end of the county deserve a lot more than they are getting right now. Much of our tax money is going to the northern end of the county. Our tax money is being spent to pave roads for all the new development there and on empty buildings.

  • If I could change one thing in the world I would most certainly make people more understanding toward others. I’m shocked by what happened recently in Tennessee.

    A shop owner who desperately needed his business property to be zoned as “commercial” killed himself right in front of the City Council who voted against helping him in his time of need.

    Immigrants, illegal or not, are people. Although they may come across as leeches to the taxpayers, they, too, are pursuing the American dream.

  • Our View: We agree with Bennie McMurray, who said Pat Canty’s death leaves a void in the community, but her life leaves a fine legacy to follow.

    Lancaster is known as a caring community. People like Pat Canty is why. Canty, regarded as a people person, recently died, leaving a major void in her beloved community.