• On Nov. 16, my pocketbook was stolen from me in K-Beauty Hair Product Store. I had all my identification in there. I also had my mother, brother and deceased grandmother’s identification in there. I had cash and a camera which contained pictures of my grandmother lying in her casket at the funeral home.

    To the thief or thieves, God will intervene with you. There is a saying that goes “you will reap what you sow.”

    While I’m mourning the death of my grandmother, you took something of sentimental value from me.

  • Last week, an article in The Lancaster News reported an event and provided a picture of me with a flag presented by the Andrew Jackson High School JROTC. There was also a brief story. I thank you for the article and would like to provide the rest of the story.

  • Questions have recently arisen regarding vehicle stops in the Indian Land area. I would like to explain the rationale for these stops.

    As most residents are aware, Lancaster County has begun an initiative to locate residents who are not properly paying South Carolina taxes on property subject to such taxation. One of our first efforts involves vehicles that are not properly taxed.

  • When we reflect on Thanksgiving, we often have images of the grateful Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians sharing a bountiful feast on a fall New England day.

    Gently falling leaves under a blue sky with a cool breeze as the meal unfolds.

    True, the holiday dates back to the time the early settlers sat down with their Native American friends and shared good food and fellowship. That was 1621.

    Still, it wasn’t until 1863 – two years into the Civil War that President Abraham Lincoln appointed a day of thanksgiving as the last Thursday in November.

  • I understand Pastor Andy Hart’s confusion concerning the article, “Pastor questions motive of game room owners,” in the Nov. 7 edition of The Lancaster News about Chad’s Game Room.

  • What a shock. My tax bill came for the seven and one-half acres I own in Lancaster County. The bill is for $3,902.90, if I pay it during the Christmas holidays when money is scarce. It will increase to $4,019.99 if I pay it on Jan. 15; $4,293.19 on Feb. 4 and $4,493.34 on March 17.

    The land is an investment made almost 30 years ago. I have been paying taxes on this parcel for all these years. We feel like this bill is robbery of the worst kind since I am unable to pay that kind of tax bill on a fixed income of less than $1,500 per month.

  • Heath Springs Volunteer Fire Department held its first ever barbecue sale on Oct. 27. It was a great success. In the years past, help has always been the No. 1 issue why we couldn’t have a barbecue sale.

    Heath Springs Volunteer Fire Department members and I would like to thank all the family members, friends, town council and the citizens of the community for making our first barbecue a great success.

  • I’m confused. In the Nov. 7 edition of The Lancaster News there was an article about Chad’s Game Room on the business page. I was real excited about the establishment when I read the owners are establishing a business that offers “clean, fun, friendly nighlight environment, featuring entertainment without alcohol or drugs.”

  • The report in Nov. 7 edition of The Lancaster News regarding Lancaster County Council’s misguided discussion and first approval vote on an ordinance to charge a 3 percent accommodations tax to hotel and motel visitors shows there are only two members of the council who have the necessary business and community sense needed to provide proper representation to citizens of Lancaster County.

    Only councilmen Bryan Vaughn and Wayne Kersey had the good sense to vote against it.

  • The Andrew Jackson area of Lancaster County is known as “Big Orange Country.”

    Given that fact, the brightest spot in 2007 Andrew Jackson area sports is Andrew Jackson Middle School.

    The school, which feeds neighboring AJ High School, has produced a fabulous fall.

    The school’s volleyball team, under the guidance of second-year coach Tonya Smith, fashioned a splendid 14-0 record.

    The Vols’ football team, under the leadership of veteran coach Jerry Pardue, produced a glittering 8-0 record.

  • In September, I was one of three state legislators fortunate enough to travel to Dalian, China, as part of a S.C. Department of Commerce trade mission to the World Economic Forum. While the four-day trip yielded a variety of insights and experiences, a couple are of particular relevance for Lancaster County and South Carolina.

    The governor gets it

  • I just read about another bill that that is being considered by our elected officials that would grant trans-genders (another name for gays) more protection when looking for jobs.

    If the bill had been passed in its original form Christian schools would have to expose the students to people who are knowingly practicing a lifestyle that according to the Bible is a sin.

    I do not know about you, but I will home school my child before I let a homosexual teach my child. I have heard from people who say they do not try to indoctrinate the kids in the classrooms.

  • I was extremely disappointed and disheartened to see the editorial cartoon in the Oct. 26 edition of The Lancaster News. For those readers who did not see the cartoon, it was a reprint from USA Today, well known to be one of the more liberal leaning newspapers in the United States.

  • MRSA has been in the news a lot lately. It’s been called a “superbug” and has caused panic in some places where cases of it have been reported in public places.

    Here in Lancaster County, there have been five reported incidents of MRSA in Lancaster County School District: one at Heath Springs Elementary, two at Buford Middle School, one at Discovery School and one at South Middle School. The school district did the right thing by notifying parents in each incident.

  • The school district has a problem at Lancaster High School and I would like to have it taken care of as soon as possible.

    I attend a lot of school activities. I have to fight my way through a crowd of unsupervised students. They are so rude, cussing and using vulgar language. I have seen things too graphic to mention in this letter. The new cameras should pick up all this activity.

  • Be thankful. Be patient. Those are the simple words which apply to county high schools following the Lancaster County School Board’s recent decision to build new athletic field houses in the four areas – Andrew Jackson, Buford, Indian Land and Lancaster.

    Buford and Andrew Jackson are grateful because those two schools will be getting the first two field houses.

    Lancaster and Indian Land high schools will follow.

    The first two field houses, which will cost between $600,000 and $700,000, are scheduled to be built in 2008.

  • There is a candidate out there who would be absolutely perfect for this great country of ours. He's not running for president, but in my opinion, he should. He would instantly be the front-runner and has the experience in the Senate, as well as the White House to get things moving and has proven his leadership ability both while in office, as well as in the private sector. This candidate is Al Gore.

  • The guest column about flip-floping in the Oct. 10 edition of The Lancaster News sure does point out some shaky tightrope walkers. The writer lists a number of specific instances of flip-floping. Seems such stuff only happens to Democrats trying to move into the White House where the rent and utilities come free and you don't have to cut out coupons for groceries.

  • Watching Headline News at 3 a.m., I was hearing all the controversy about Britney Spears. Of all the young, beautiful stars, like Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, she is the most disturbed and of concern.

    Britney has two small children. As of yet, I have not heard the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I have a master's in social work. I have worked in the Mecklenburg Mental Health Hospital, 15 years in the Catawba Mental Health in Rock Hill, four years in the Mental Health Center in Florence and as a licensed clinical social worker in South Carolina.

  • A Lancaster icon is winding down a storied career. Anasue Love is closing her downtown business which opened in 1946.

    The Dianne Shop, which was opened by Love’s mother, Beulah Mae Laney Roddey at Lancaster’s old Greyhound bus station, is closing its doors for good at the end of the month.

    "This shop and my family have been my life," Love said.

    There's a family tie to the shop's name. The business was named after Love's only daughter, Dianne.

    The business has helped girls of all ages prepare for pageants.