Today's Opinions

  • Column: Scott: Barring new evidence, I will vote for Kavanaugh

    The past few weeks have been gut-wrenching for our nation, and for the families of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
    We continue to confront how we can move forward as a society after looking the other way as women have been mistreated and abused for generations, and how that interacts with available evidence and the ability to determine culpability for past actions.

  • Letter: I appreciate staff at my local bank

    I would like to thank the ladies at First Palmetto Bank.
    I am unable to walk now and legally blind. I have to do my banking mostly by phone.
    These ladies are an asset to the bank. They help me a lot, and I thank them all. May God bless the staff of First Palmetto. And God bless everyone else.

    Carl M. Miles Sr.

  • Letter: Blackmon vote never should have occurred

    It doesn’t take the S.C. Ethics Commission to answer this question: “Was it ethical for Linda Blackmon to vote herself $6,750 in back wages?”
    No, it wasn’t ethical.
    Why didn’t other members of the Lancaster City Council stop that vote right then and there until they could consult with the Ethics Commission to see if it was ethical for her to vote herself money? Why?

  • Letter: Nov. 6 is important, so sign up and vote

    The midterm elections are approaching quickly. Election Day is Nov. 6.
    Whatever your opinion is, the best way to influence the direction of civic life is to vote for officials who align as much as possible with your opinions.
    In order to vote, you normally must be registered 30 days before the election. This year, because parts of the state are still recovering from Hurricane Florence, the registration deadline has been extended to Oct. 17.

  • Candidate's Column: Decades working in Probate Court make me the best candidate for job

    Why choose me as your next probate judge?
    I am a lifelong resident of Lancaster County with 25 years of experience in our Probate Court. I know the procedures. I know what is working, what needs improvement and how to improve it. I have the patience, understanding and compassion to help families through the long and unfamiliar legal process after the loss of a loved one.

  • Column: Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser has no reason to lie about him

    I am writing in response to Dianne Evans’ Friday column headlined “Ugly badgering and humiliation of Kavanaugh a crude travesty.”
    Will we ever really know the truth of what happened 36 years ago, or even 36 minutes ago? Judge Brett Kavanaugh keeps skirting around the questions. He answers with a question.
    There is a problem somewhere, and I believe it belongs with him. He makes himself seem guilty with his answers, which he often chooses not to give.

  • Letter: Thanking the man who paid for lunch

    I want to thank the gentleman who paid for our lunch last Thursday at Leigh Anne’s Restaurant.
    It was very sweet and kind of you. May God bless you for your kindness. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.
    Thank you, sir.

    Sybil Ehlers Black

  • Letter: What is stormwater fee paying for?

    Lancaster County hired a stormwater engineer the first of 2018 and a special stormwater fee was established in the same year for Indian Land residents.
    It is now six-plus months later and no ac-tion has been taken by the new department. Muddy water is running across our roads, into our creeks and into our communities. A new community off of Harrisburg Road has no stormwater system and the rainwater is flooding the nearby cemetery.
    Detention ponds in the Indian Land area have not been inspected or ordered to meet S.C. stormwater standards.