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  • Paper needs to change way it chooses headline stories

    On Dec. 1, I lost my son, Jason Payne, in an auto accident. Unless you’re a mom who has experienced the loss of a child, you will never know my grief and pain.

    My son’s accident not only made the Sunday paper, but for some reason unknown to me, the paper felt it should have been the headliner that day. I wanted to scream every time I saw a Lancaster News paper box on the day of my son’s wake.

  • Put up decorative flags that represents Christ’s birthday

    I can’t believe that the people of this town would even put up flags saying Happy Holidays. No wonder things are as bad as they are in this town. No jobs, no companies wanting to come here. This is the season to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

    If we are ashamed to mention the word Christmas in the town of Lancaster then we can’t expect great things to happen here. We shouldn’t be ashamed to say Merry Christmas. Without Christ’s birthday there would be nothing to celebrate.

  • Don’t take CHRIST out of CHRISTmas

    As I drove down Main Street of my hometown, Lancaster, I couldn’t help but notice that the city had installed flags on the street to celebrate the CHRISTmas season. Instead of having on them Merry CHRISTmas it was Happy Holidays.

    I couldn’t believe that my hometown was going the way of the world by removing CHRIST from CHRISTmas.

    I say shame on you City Council if you allowed this to happen. But we still have the CHRISTmas parade thank you, and not the holiday parade.

    What’s next? If CHRIST is left out of CHRISTmas we have an empty celebration.

  • Hughes inspires others to do their best

    The recent resignation of Ernie Hughes as head football coach at Andrew Jackson marks the end of an coaching era in Lancaster County.

    Hughes has been working high school football sidelines for 35 seasons. Over a third of that time was spent in Lancaster County.

    Hughes also served as the head football coach at neighboring Buford High School. A Winnsboro native, Hughes guided the Jackets from 1989-1994.

    He served as the Volunteers’ football coach from 2003 to this past fall.

  • City put up ‘ugly’ holiday flags in downtown Lancaster

    I’m a retired decorator from the South Park Mall area, but I live in downtown Lancaster. I noticed that the city of Lancaster has put up these ugly happy holiday flags instead of the beautiful decorations they have had in Christmases past. I was very disappointed in the lack of Christmas spirit from the city of Lancaster. The city has the power to put up the Christmas decorations and celebrate the birth of Christ.

    After all this is the Christmas season.

    James H. Gay Jr.


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