Today's Opinions

  • Artisan’s Center has so much potential

    The city and the downtown area needs the Artisan’s Center as a means to head off into a more positive direction for the community.

    Does anyone remember the store that used to be located where Chastain’s Studio Lofts is now located? No? Neither do I.

    But you cannot miss the lovely store front on Main Street where the Chastain studio is now located, and so one can only imagine how nice the Artisan’s Center will be.

    Does the Artisan’s Center location become an attraction for the downtown area, or just become another large empty store?

  • New faces, new places

    From the big house to the state house. From the county seat to the city seat. From the sheriff’s office to Highway Patrol. New faces in new places.

    At the head of our nation’s helm is the first black president. Locally, we have the first woman from Lancaster County serving in the S.C. House of Representatives. We have a new state senator.

    We have a new sheriff and new person in charge of Highway Patrol.

  • Banners display spirit of community

    Downtown Lancaster will soon be adorned with special banners. These 80 banners, the work of community artists, will hang from the lamp posts around the city.

    Recently a group of McDonald Green Elementary students painted some of the banners which will colorfully unfurl in the downtown wind.

    The project wasn’t limited to the students, who ranged from third- to fifth-graders. Lancaster County School District Superintendent Dr. Gene Moore tried his hand.

  • Business owner appreciates Evans’ column

    I am the current owner of Ace Hardware & Garden Center, previously Lancaster Feed & Farm. I really enjoyed W.B. Evans’ column about my business. Several customers have also commented on the column. I find it so rewarding to own a business with so much history in our community. Evans’ column conveyed that beautifully.

    I have to say that I did not fully understand the depth of the store’s history when I bought the business from my parents in 1999.

  • Consider who uses library, recreation centers before cutting their hours

    I am writing in response to recent comments that the library and recreational services might bear the brunt of budget cuts because they are non-essential services. It was said that the library and recreational services only affect quality of life, but if they weren’t provided, the world wouldn’t end.

    I must disagree. No, the world wouldn’t end. However, many of the voters and residents of Lancaster would be affected.

  • Family Promise becomes a reality

    She wanted to show us the chain. A name was written on each of the more than 4,000 links made out of bright satin ribbon.

    Darlene Hallman is just one of the many dedicated, committed and determined volunteers with Family Promise. She picked up the endless chain that filled the truck of her car.

    “Each link represents an individual,” Hallman said, as she held up the links.

  • State has some tough decisions to make

    This letter is in response to the Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis saying Gov. Mark Sanford is loony or nuts and also Converse Chellis saying the governor should exhibit leadership instead of empty rhetoric during tough times.

  • Not time for extravagant building

    I am appalled to know that with this dire economy in a town whose citizens are struggling to keep their families afloat our town leaders are planning to spend $33 million on a new courthouse.

    The people of Lancaster are reeling under the onslaught of lost jobs resulting in the repossession of their homes and cars, loss of medical insurance, rising food, fuel, and utility cost, not to even mention education for our children.