Today's Opinions

  • Driver didn’t bother to stop after hitting, killing pet

    This is to the girl who was driving a jeep down on Bailey Road in the Elgin community at 4:42 p.m. on Jan. 29. The speed limit is 35 mph not 65. I stood there and watched as you killed my little Smokey, who was my baby and my heart. You were so cold-hearted.

    You didn’t even put on your brakes after hitting him. You just sped on down the road leaving me there holding him as he died. I was so close I saw you look back but you just kept on. What if this would have been a human child instead of my dog? Would you have kept on? Would you have stopped?

  • Furloughs should be on table

    We learned last week that County Council will have to make some tough decisions in the weeks ahead as it finalizes the 2009-10 budget. Considering the condition of the economy, it really wasn’t surprising news.

  • America: Is this the change you wanted?

    The current administration and Congress are doing everything they can in the current economic crisis to end the American capitalist system and create a weak dependent socialist state patterned after Europe.

    When you hear words like fairness, crisis, investment and wealth redistribution, be suspicious.

    Here’s what Obama and Congress are considering:

  • Writers congratulate, praise Benjamin

    Congratulations to Arthur Benjamin on his long career as a teacher and administrator in the Lancaster County School District.

    We worked with Arthur and enjoyed his support whenever we had to refer students to him. We hope he will enjoy his retirement.

    Pete and Paula Carnes

    Las Vegas


  • Jim vs. Jim battle for fiscal future

    In a state known for dichotomies, there may be none greater than South Carolina’s representation in Congress by both Rep. Jim Clyburn and Sen. Jim DeMint.

    They share the same first names, modest means and low-key manner. The similarities end there, though, especially with regard to fiscal matters.

    In fact, they arguably represent the bookends of the debate that incited the recent “TEA parties” across the country.

  • We should all drive responsibly, defensively

    Motorcyclists and other good people are getting hurt and dying on our highways.

    I found a national statistic on the Web that says there are 75 percent more motorcycles registered now than there were 10 years ago. Sometimes it is the biker’s fault and very often it is the fault of the driver of the passenger vehicle.

  • S.C. doesn’t need dual education system

    If there’s any good at all to be found in South Carolina’s fifth straight year of debate over tax credits/vouchers for private schools, maybe it’s this.

    After years of feigning concern for poor students in struggling schools, of pretending to believe that taking money from public schools might make them better, we are finally debating what this plan has always really been about – subsidizing private education for the few at the expense of public education for the many.

  • Thomas family grateful for support

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire community for its support and prayers during Fred Thomas Jr.’s illness and passing. You stood by us in a very difficult time and we are grateful. We all miss him terribly; but will hang on to the many memories and lessons he provided us during his wonderful life.

    We are comforted in knowing that we will see him again.

    The Thomas family (Anabell, Rosalyn, Kevin, Adrian and Fredrick)