Today's Opinions

  • Be ready, prepare for possible hurricanes

    His name was Hugo. It was almost 20 years ago when he visited Lancaster County at a speed of more than 100 mph. He made believers of those who thought a coastal hurricane could not travel almost 200 miles inland.

    But that is just what the Category 4 storm did on Sept. 21-22, 1989. When the rain and wind stopped, Lancaster County was totally in the dark for a while. The damaged was in the millions and some people were without power for more than a month.

  • Lucky to have three fathers

    As Father’s Day approached, I found myself reflecting back on fathers and father figures in my life.

    My father and I did not have a healthy relationship when I was growing up and therefore Fathers Day was not celebrated by me as a time of sweet remembrance. Even today, 38 years later, I still, at times, would prefer that this day be taken off the calendar. He died when I was 16 years old but the memories never did.

  • Fishing with kids teaches valuable lesson

    The fish were not cooperating at the Outer Banks, so I volunteered to help at a children’s fishing tournament at one of the piers.

    There were about 40 children from 3 to 15 years old. One family from Pennsylvania was there and there were several generations of skilled fisherman.

    I made quick friends with an 11-year-old girl, who was beating everyone catching fish. As she fished we discussed her life on the farm and her chickens. Later her 14-year-old cousin came up and started talking about his mornings at the pier and his prize catches of the week.

  • Enjoy your summer, avoid heat problems

    It was a desperate call over the scanner from the law enforcement officer. He needed to get the tracking dog to the veterinarian. The problem was heat exhaustion.

    It was a day not fit for man nor beast. The temperature was 99 degrees and the heat index was 104.

    The beauty of the summer is sun. It is also the danger. The long summer days provide opportunity for fun and relaxation. But that summer sun and heat can also cause some serious medical conditions – even death.

  • Sanford can’t be effective governor

    Mark Sanford should not step down from his role as governor of South Carolina because of his extramarital affair. He should step down because of his lack of leadership, incompetency and irresponsibility.

    The revelation of the affair Wednesday was just  the latest of incidents that confirms his need to resign. Disappearing for almost a week without telling anyone how to get in touch with him left the Palmetto State vulnerable – especially if there had been an emergency.

  • Citadel ring returns after 43 years

    Due to the thoughtfulness of three men, Jim Furse’s Citadel class ring was returned after being lost for 43 years.

    We got a call the other night from Jim’s sister, Dedie Shramek from Fairfax, that the ring had been found. She gave me the name of Ed Brunson from Hampton, and said to contact him.

  • Tyler in good hands with EMTs

    A huge thank you to the rapid and thorough care given to Tyler Osornio, 2, and to keeping us fully informed after Tyler was rescued from a swimming pool.

    One female EMT stood with us until Tyler was on his way to Carolina’s Medical Center making sure we remained fully involved and informed. The manner they all portrayed was exceptional and very much appreciated.

    Lancaster County should be proud of our emergency response team.

    The Hyatt family and Mandy Osornio

    Van Wyck

  • Tomorrow is America's birthday

    Tomorrow we celebrate a birthday. The we is the United States of America. We turn 233 years old on July 4 – the day we (the original 13 American colonies) declared our independence from Great Britain.

    The Declaration of Independence was drafted on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia.

    We didn’t get that independence easily. It was a hard-fought and bloody battle to earn our freedom. Many people died – some in the Palmetto State – in that original struggle for independence. They continue to die on foreign soil to preserve our American way of life.