Today's Opinions

  • Consider all options for education in S.C.

    For years there has been abundant discussion about public education in South Carolina. Some people want to continue the status quo, and some agitate for change. Funding has increased over the past 40 years, and now amounts to an average $11,480 per student. Yet we are still last in the nation in SAT scores, achievement scores and graduation rates.

  • Writer remembers fibs made during campaignin

    I still remember all those things we said about a candidate we didn’t like. I still remember those fibs we used in our letters to the editor.

    I haven’t forgotten how we criticized one human being out of the entire population of Lancaster County for  mowing grass on Sunday. I suppose the devil made us do it when we tried to make some other Christian look as devilish as we were when we wrote, unholy and ungodly things about some person we hardly knew.

  • Writer challenges others to show Christmas spirit

    This has been a challenging year for the city of Lancaster. We were faced with the courthouse tragedy and named the most vulnerable county in the nation by Forbes magazine.

    Now the Christmas season is here, let’s show our Christmas spirit! The city has done an awesome job of placing the Christmas spirit all around town and after Thanksgiving we will see the marvelous sight of all the trees, lights and welcome signs the city has worked so very hard on.

  • Writer checks on mail from car for safety reasons

    This is to anyone who happens to be driving on Pink Plyler Road while I  check my mail.

    I am truly sorry for inconveniencing anyone who has had to pause a few seconds or pull around my vehicle when I check  my mailbox from my car.

    People have honked, flashed their brights, flipped me the bird, and even rolled down their window to curse at me, because I am not on foot checking my mailbox.

  • Maybe the smart folks have died off

    Are you worried? Don’t get upset, things will improve. Who says so? The government, of course. Robin Hood and his merry men (they have a job) are in charge. Sounds good, depending on whether you have green bills or white bills.

    Before I retired I had enough of those green bills to take care of those white bills plus some left over for a meal out, a beach trip or a new car every few years. Life was better than I realized and I yearned for more.

  • Support for arts benefits community

    Hanging on a wall in the back of Picture Perfect is a self portrait of the late artist Bea Sisson wearing an evening gown. Time has taken its toll on the large oil painting done in the 1950s. But the beauty and talent are evident even through the curling oil flakes.

    Sisson was a Lancaster resident who inspired many local artists with her talent and creativity.

    We thought of Sisson the other day when two Lancaster residents were awarded state honors for their work with the arts.

  • Council doesn't care about small business

    I am a business owner in the town of Kershaw and would like to voice my opinion on this vote of the blue law. First of all, it’s not forever. It’s only four weekends. Christmas is the heart of retail shopping season and a lot of business owners depend on this part of the season to bring up already soft sales (myself included).

    To have the pastors of these churches say people shouldn’t shop, but go to church, is unfair. Their stake is as big as the business owners. They are afraid to lose money. Remember, less people in church, less money in the plate.

  • Americans should be working together for a change

    Under the guise of stating facts about our new president, Rob Emory in his Nov. 7 column, “Let’s hope America hasn’t been fooled,” lists no facts about our new president.

    Rather he re-circulates the myths and distortions that surfaced in the effort to smear our new president during a negative campaign that reached a historic low.