Today's Opinions

  • Column: Our state’s maternal death rate is alarming

    South Carolina’s maternal-mortality rate is the eighth highest in the nation, with 26.5 deaths for 100,000 live births compared to 20.7 nationwide.
    The Centers For Disease Control also found that between 2011 and 2015, the maternal-mortality rate for black women in our state was significantly higher, with a gap of more than 40 deaths per 100,000 live births.
    I am helping to lead a bipartisan effort in the Senate calling for an increased focus on reducing maternal mortality in the United States and improving health outcomes for all mothers and children.

  • Column: Everything in this paper is important to someone

    “Everything in this newspaper is important to someone.”
    That has become something of a mantra for me, in recent years.
    Weekly community newspapers are eclectic, to say the least. We publish photos of grand openings at bakeries, and donations being dropped off at local food pantries.

  • Column: Lies and lawyer tricks marked Senate’s fight over Kavanaugh

    In response to the Oct. 3 guest column by Christine Taylor, I offer the following rebuttal.
    On her point that Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser has no reason to lie about him, I believe there are several.
    George Soros has offered a substantial reward for the defeat of Judge Kavanaugh. And the political left is desperate to show its base that it is accomplishing something, since President Obama did not accomplish anything positive in eight years.
    President Trump has accomplished more good things in two years than Obama in eight.

  • Column: Lawmakers kill governor’s budget vetoes of pet projects

    Hugh Leatherman, the S.C. Senate’s president pro tem, appeared relaxed and confident before last week’s votes, at one point smiling and giving a thumbs up.
    Leatherman, R-Florence, didn’t make any long speeches in asking his Senate colleagues to override Gov. Henry McMaster’s vetoes of parts of a state budget proviso directing $7.1 million to Francis Marion University.

  • Letter: Due process mattered in Kavanaugh hearing

    It doesn’t matter if you believed Dr. Ford or you believed Judge Kavanaugh. This was not a popularity contest. That is not how our justice system works.
    We have to base this kind of decision on facts, evidence and witnesses, all of which Dr. Ford was lacking.
    We are on dangerous ground here. Someone can be guilty, according to some on the left, without due process of the law.
    Our justice system may not be perfect, but there is none equal to it. In my opinion, people are too willing to throw away due process rights.

  • Column: SCDOT kicks a critic off its Facebook page, ends up in court

    Tom Fernandez says he was just trying to make a serious point – in a humorous way – about the S.C. Department of Transportation’s pothole-repair program.
    On Aug. 29, DOT posted a video on the agency’s Facebook page titled, “How does a pothole get repaired?” About two weeks earlier, Fernandez, a Berkeley County businessman and frequent critic of DOT on social media, posted a parody video on one of his Facebook pages showing him filling a pothole on a rural road with two pizzas.

  • Letter: Reader mad about MDA fundraiser

    Alert: I’m mad!  
    The Muscular Dystrophy Association has just a two-star rating for a nonprofit by Charity Navigators, but they had an awesome firefighter outside the Indian Land Walmart taking donations two weeks ago.
    The firefighters were standing there with what looked like a fireman’s boot, which was misleading to those who were giving their hard-earned money away, myself included.

  • Letter: A huge thank you for Finally Fridays

    On the last Friday of each month from June to September, the city of Lancaster provided residents with a free concert featuring live music!
    In Pecan Park behind City Hall at 216 S. Catawba St., my family and I enjoyed an evening under the stars four times this summer. I want to give a big thank you to all those involved in the planning and setup each month.