Today's Opinions

  • School grateful for Pleasant Hill Fire Department

    We would like to publicly thank the Pleasant Hill Fire Department for their many years of service to Heath Springs Elementary School and the surrounding community.

    For the past 13 years, the members of the fire department have given of their time and energy to help make our annual Heath Springs Rodeo a success. This was a very difficult year to raise money for our annual fund raiser. Due to the economy and bad weather, we were unable to raise the funds we normally do.

  • We should not bring terrorists to U.S. soil

    I am writing in reference to Larry Rollings’ letter, “Of course we can house Guantanamo prisoners,” in the May 31 edition of The Lancaster News. Mr. Rollings, why should we bring these terrorists to American soil?

  • Woman confined to wheelchair asks for tolerance

    I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to you. You were looking at me so intently that I thought maybe you’d like to know more about me. I am the large woman in the electric wheelchair you stared at recently in Walmart.

    Some of you have been doing this for a year or so, but that day it was worse than ever before. I really can’t expect more from children since they learn from you – their parents.

  • Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department about helping people in need

    I would like to address County Council and the citizens of Lancaster County about the proposed closing of Pleasant Hill Volunteer Department. Closing Pleasant Hill Volunteer Department would not save the county money except for the utilities. The only things Morris Russell, director of Lancaster County Emergency Management and the county Fire Service, can take are the trucks, because they belong to the county.

  • Now is time to make S.C. better place to live

    Up to now, I have been publicly silent on the issue of the federal stimulus funds and their impact on our state. It was my opinion that it was not the state treasurer’s place to interfere on a matter that the U.S. Congress has placed in the hands of the governor.

    However, with all the indecision that now exists, coupled with what seems to be a lack of leadership on whether or not to take a portion of the stimulus money, as the state’s chief financial officer I would be remiss if I did not now offer my opinion.

  • Nice car you’re driving, my comrade

    We are lucky to have President Barack Obama. He has taken over the auto industry. We don’t have to worry about what kind of cars we should drive. He will tell us.

    He has taken over the banks and mortgage companies. We will be sharing our homes with others who have no home. Something to look forward to.

    He will also give us national health care. Seniors will be denied treatment so that they will die early and the government will save those Social Security benefits. That will also take care of the shortage of funds in the Medicare program.

  • Mother upset with rude woman

    This is to the woman wearing a long, green-flowered dress, glasses and short brown hair, who came into the nail salon at Walmart last Sunday afternoon.

    I was there getting my daughter and her friend’s nails done.

    Everything was going well until you came in. You dropped nail polish on the floor and it busted on my 10-year-old daughter.

  • Promises made, promises broken

    You have to admit they are impressive. The seven architectural shafts of light at the entrance of Inspiration Ministries City of Light campus on U.S. 521 in Indian Land are definite eye-catchers.

    The shafts of light symbolize Inspiration Ministries’ commitment to “bring” light to people on every continent.

    But it’s the ministry itself that’s now in the spotlight. CEO David Cerullo owes the success of his organization to the people who donate to his ministry. The donations have provided healthy salaries for Cerullo, his wife and children.