Today's Opinions

  • Keep less fortunate in mind this holiday

    It may be trite to say it’s better to give than to receive. But is it? Doesn’t it make you feel good when you give something that makes a loved one happy? And doesn’t it make you feel good when you give something that helps somebody else, especially somebody who is less fortunate than you are?
    Thanksgiving is a holiday when we traditionally gather with family and friends for a big feast. It’s a time when we Americans give thanks for what we have – our health, our family, the roof overheads, the job that pays the bills, etc.

  • True spirit showed in waiting line

    Billy Dale and I went to our first-ever Black Friday shopping spree this year. When we  walked into Walmart at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, it looked like hundreds of people in line. I thought there was no way we were going to get that 32-inch television for $198.
    I asked several people in line if they were there to buy the television. Many of them said they were not. Then I thought maybe we will have a chance if we could find the line for the televisions.

  • A Christmas gift that money can't buy

    Last week was one hectic week. Our church, Charlesboro Baptist, was preparing a meal to feed 200 prisoners.
    While I was cooking the beans for the meal, the phone started ringing.
    Jeremy Taylor was going in and out of the kitchen because he was changing out our water lines. The water was turned off while he was working on the lines. The stove was in the middle of the floor.
    The phone continued to ring. Ronnie, who was helping me, said will you please answer phone. I did.
    “Please say yes,” the man said.

  • Theft of truck tailgate impacts Christmas

    Just a few minutes after 5 a.m. on Nov. 24, two men in a van pulled into my well-lighted driveway.
    My caged dog woke me with his fierce barking. I checked to see what had him upset and you two were leaving my driveway with the tailgate from my white Chevrolet Silverado truck. It only took four minutes for you to steal the tailgate.
    During this time frame, you drove slowly past my house, turned around in the convenience store parking lot and came back to my house to complete your task. Obviously you had a plan.

  • 'Aunt Jo' was a true Lancaster treasure

    Tis the season to be thankful and count our blessings. One blessing Lancaster folks can number was Joan Hall Williams, better known as Jo Williams, or simply “Aunt Jo.”
    She was a Lancaster treasure, something extra special about the Red Rose City.
    Williams, who died at age 79 earlier this month, loved her home and showed so in many ways.
    A history enthusiast, Williams was glad to share her knowledge about Lancaster. Often, she would provide history lessons about Lancaster and Lancaster County.

  • Crenshaw helps school get grant

    Buford Middle School has received a $750 grant from the ExxonMobile Educational Alliance program to support the school’s mathematics program. Hal Crenshaw with Crenco Stores worked with school officials to secure the grant, which is one of 2,400 made available to schools across the country served by Exxon or Mobile stations. The grants were made possible by funding from the ExxonMobile Alliance.

  • Tea Party patriots earn respect in S.C.

    I had the great privilege to be among many S.C. Tea Party patriots on Nov. 17. Many towns in this great state were represented, including Bluffton, Anderson, Lancaster, Rock Hill, Clover, Sumter and Columbia. We all gathered at the statehouse to witness the speaker of the House vote.

  • Hood's dedication leads to win

    Congratulations to Kenny Hood for successfully attaining a second term. Also, I would like to express the fact that the right to vote is a very powerful and valuable thing. Therefore, a big congratulations must be given to everyone who voted.