Today's Opinions

  • Left all about corruption

  • State should add expunged candidates back to ballot

    To err is human: Most of us do make honest mistakes without intention of breaking the law.  Such is in the case of the Lancaster District 44 candidates Bob Cook and Joseph Coy. Since the state recognizes there was no criminal intent and the error occurred in the timing of the filing of their financial statements, there was no word or hint of cover-up or falsification.

  • Need to ban stupid laws, enforce those in place now

  • Dream Team fundraiser set for June 23

    The Dream Team Foundation is planning its second annual charity event and fundraiser from 6:30 to 11:30 p.m. June 23 at the Lancaster Moose Lodge. Tickets are $35 per person.
    The Dream Team Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Lancaster. We offer free sports programs for special-needs children between the ages of 6-21. Our 2012-13 sports season will offer baseball, basketball and soccer.

  • U.S. can look overseas for success of austerity

    Is Rudy Schmidt, who wrote “Obama surrounds himself with communists, socialists, Muslims” in the May 6 edition of The Lancaster News, still living in the 1950s? McCarthyism is dead.

  • Writer asks spiritual leaders to help county

    My letter, addressed to the spiritual leaders of Lancaster County, is to stir them concerning the well-being of all Lancaster residents. I am a foreigner living in your land for 14 years this month. I have never seen so much crime and violence as now.
    We must wake up and open our eyes to see that what is happening in Lancaster is the increasing work of the devil, through the lives and minds of the wicked.

  • Cook wants to make laws, but not follow them

    Before reading the May 6 edition of The Lancaster News, I didn’t know anything about Bob Cook. I thought that was strange since I’ve lived here all my life and know most everybody.
    I’ve since found out that Bob Cook, who grew up here and graduated from Andrew Jackson High School, is a lawyer. He moved back to Lancaster and opened an office in Kershaw after practicing law in Charleston. That explains why I have never heard of him.

  • Writer: Faile is devoted to Lancaster

    I intend to vote for Sheriff Barry Faile for re-election. His devotion to Lancaster County is plain to see. His job performance is excellent.
    The background and experience of law enforcement that he exhibits is what we need. His father, Williford Faile, can be proud of his son’s dedication to Lancaster as each of us should be.
    To the people who have negative comments about Lancaster – we may not be perfect, but then what town is. I love Lancaster and there is no better place.