Today's Opinions

  • Stop believing lies, follow the truth

    In John 1: 4, John writes to a friend in church and says: I could have no greater joy than to hear that our people and children are following the truth.
    Our own people are not looking or following the truth today.
    Letter writer Sheila Bickford claims civil rights as a Democrat supported policy.
    The DNC website in its “Our Party Our History” section also starts out with a lie by saying, “For more than 200 years our party has led the fight for civil rights...”

  • Gamecocks still have lots to crow about

    The South Carolina Gamecocks brought home a handsome trophy from Omaha on Tuesday afternoon to a large throng of garnet and black-clad USC fans at Carolina Stadium.
    It wasn’t the biggest prize the Gamecocks had hoped for, but it was a coveted trophy.
    Plenty of teams would have loved to be bearing the runner-up trophy from the College World Series, and the Gamecocks were.
    The two-time defending national champions had hoped to bring home another national crown for the third straight June.

  • Prepare for late-night emergency phone calls

    If you are over 40, you may already have issues with parents who are chronically ill or who no longer have the ability to care for themselves. Have you and your parents properly prepared for the decisions that will be made by others for their continued care?
    So many times, a late night call, an emergency room visit or lack of sufficient funds force decisions without the ability or flexibility to research options or consider the feelings of our loved ones. Advanced preparation is needed.

  • Of carrots and kings

    I was reading a post on the blog my daughter writes about our 3-year-old grandson. He had been waiting all spring for the vegetables to come up in his garden. Eagerly, perhaps overeagerly, he yanked up a green top. He showed it off to his playmate.
    While reading the blog, my friend, a political scientist, interrupted to tell me that President Barack Obama had endorsed the idea of men marrying men and women marrying women.

  • Effort to nix budget control board, separate powers fails

    South Carolina legislators, whose power dominates the three branches of state government, once again have failed to better balance authority among the branches and give their constituents more ability to hold them accountable.
    The General Assembly broke down on the matter Thursday, June 22, when the Senate voted by the narrowest of margins, 22-21, to carry over a restructuring bill just ahead of the chamber’s scheduled 5 p.m. adjournment for the year.

  • Thieves steal pet, but not my heart

    This letter is directed to the thieves who broke our hearts by taking our beloved pit bull, Zebo.
    While the thieves stole our pet, they cannot take our hearts.
    The thieves also broke Zebo’s heart and soul.
    Zebo, I love you – a love that cannot be taken.
    To the thieves: What gives you the right that you can take what does not belong to you?

    Pandora Verdon

  • Letter writer speaks from experience

    I would like to give thanks to all who were named and those not named who helped in the arrest of Hell’s Angels. It takes persistence and great determination to accomplish what you all have accomplished. I realize that it is not over and that there will be more court hearings and testimonies to be given.
    I also want to encourage you all to not give up. Your courage, unity and faith got you this far. They will carry you through to the final verdicts. There are people praying for all of you. The number of prayer warriors is off the charts.

  • Proud to be a Christian

    I am proud to attend church every Sunday to worship my God, Jesus Christ. I am proud to live in the greatest country in the world, America. I am proud to have volunteered in the military, served four years and received an honorable discharge. I am proud to volunteer to help those in need. I am proud to give and lend financial help where the need requires.  
    I am proud to live under the laws of freedom’s documents (the Constitution and Bill of Rights). I am proud to stand at attention when the American flag passes before me.