Today's Opinions

  • All of the government money comes from the public

    The letter, “Every one is entitled to their opinion, but get the facts right,” published in the Sept. 5 edition of The Lancaster News was interesting. I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion and I agree that the facts should be accurate.

  • Writer grateful for returned purse

    On Aug. 24, I had just finished shopping at my friendly Food Lion on Main Street. I got home and found that I was missing my purse. I realized that I must have left it in the police car shopping cart that my grandson, Talmadge, was riding through the store.
    I immediately got into another car and left my cold groceries at home for my daughter to take care of. I raced back to the store and frantically searched the parking lot to no avail.

  • Voter ID battle blatant attempt to sway election results

    Kawan Pauling’s guest column, “Voter ID laws are bad,” in the Aug. 31 edition of The Lancaster News is nothing but another lengthly Democrat diatribe fighting voter ID.
    The objections portrayed are nothing but weak fabrications. These laws, supported by the majority of voters, will prevail. They are are being held up in the courts by Obama lawsuits against the states to avoid enforcement before the election, just as voting districts are being challenged by the Obama departments of justice in many states.

  • Turning blue, hook, line and sinker

    One of the main reasons I moved from the North was because it all started  with what Lancaster County is doing now – attacking our freedoms.
    There is nothing good about smoking except for the person doing it. That’s not the point. It’s that a no-smoking ordinance won’t stop here. This is exactly how it starts.
    The groups pushing this will never be happy. They will be back in a week wanting more. The North is a prime example. They moved from smoking to what we drink up there.

  • Local GOP headquarters now open

    U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney (District 5) cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the Lancaster County Republican Victory Center Headquarters at 699 Lancaster Bypass East on Saturday, Sept. 1.
    Several Republican candidates were there, as well as Taft Matney, chairman of the S.C. Republican Victory Centers. About 100 people attended the event.
    Normal business hours for the Republican headquarters are 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

  • ID required for almost everything

    I find it appaling that a government issued ID is not already required to vote, especially in a country that has seen identity theft run rampant. The contention is that the poor and minorities would have problems paying the fees to obtain a government-issued ID.

  • Activists resort to equal opportunity scare tactics

    Some of the anti-abortion believers across the nation have pushed or are pushing for the requirement that would-be procedure recipients be shown ultrasound images, as well as pictures as to what exactly happens during a procedure. This is a form of discrimination and doesn’t provide for the equal access of the alternate.
    If such laws are going to exist, then recipients are, as Justice Brandies said in his concurring opinion, “coerced by law [which is] the argument of force in its worst form.” See Whitney v. California, 274 U.S. 357 (1927).

  • Forget handshakes, get it in writing

    I would like to relay a word of warning to people who use consignment shops or similar stores that sell your items for you.
    Be sure you get the sales agreement in writing. There are no such things as hand-shake deals anymore. And banks don’t take sleazy smiles.

    James Beckham