Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Help send our team to the World Series

    Lancaster Dixie Baseball is celebrating our 14U Dixie Boys All-Stars’ state championship and preparing for a trip to Louisiana for the World Series.
    The 13 boys on this team represented Lancaster County with sportsmanship and true heart. Their motto from the beginning has been “One team. One Family. One mission.”
    The World Series begins next Saturday, Aug. 4, in Bossier, La. The team will be leaving Thursday to arrive in time for the opening ceremonies.

  • Column: Ex-DOT official switched quickly to consulting role

    A former top S.C. DOT official and defendant in several employment lawsuits is now working as a private consultant to the State Transportation Infrastructure Bank, which has financed large road-construction projects that critics contend were chosen primarily for political reasons.
    Ronald Patton, an ex-Department of Transportation deputy secretary, told The Nerve he began working for STV Inc., a national transportation consulting company with three offices in South Carolina, a month after his June 2017 retirement from DOT. His annual salary when he left was $137,000.

  • Column: We deserve better than this lying, bullying, unwell man

    Donald Trump has told over 3,200 documented lies or misleading statements since taking office, according to a Washington Post fact-checker analysis.
    He has become, in the words of Kathleen Parker, a conservative Post columnist, a “cancer.”
    How can anyone support a president who is not accountable, who lies and bullies, and is unable to take responsibility for his behavior – just blames others? And what are our children learning from his behavior?

  • Commentary: Trump aides should think about quitting, Gowdy says

    Editor’s note: Rep. Gowdy, chairman of the House Oversight Committee and a member of the Intelligence Committee, appeared last weekend on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss widespread criticism after President Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Here are excerpts from his interview with host Bret Baier.

  • Commentary: Graham: Trump must safeguard 2018 election

    Editor’s note: Sen. Graham was the lead-off guest Sunday on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” Here are excerpts of his interview with host Margaret Brennan.

  • Letter: Adopt a precious dog or cat today

    This letter is about animals in kill shelters.
    Please adopt an animal. They are precious. Go to the Lancaster Animal Hospital and adopt a cat or dog. They can show their personalities just like humans.
    If you love animals, please help them. They don’t need to die.
    I want my life to have meant something. So I implore you to go out and adopt a pet.

    Carl M. Miles Sr.

  • Letter: Rude drivers at crosswalks

    This is about how rude people are in Lancaster
    Last week, I was walking out of Walmart, and when you come out you have the right of way in the crosswalk.
    As I came out and started crossing the road, a car of people started hollering and blowing their horn at me because I went across in front of her.
    She is not the only one who does people like that. I was done the same way the other day. A car stopped for me to cross, and the car behind him was using vulgar language because he had to stop.

  • Column: The Joe Shaw of my dreams

    He was a kind man, a giant of a man.
    He loved people. He loved his family. He loved his church.
    He loved his city and its people. And because of this, he was elected mayor, over and over again.
    Joe Shaw served for 33 years and died in office still serving. He loved to help people solve problems, especially those concerning city services.
    He wanted everyone to be treated fairly. He wanted them to know that without them, there would be no city and no mayor’s job.