Today's Opinions

  • Column: Free Press, Free People

    Donald J. Trump is a bully and a thug.  I could tell you he is a liar, but you and everyone else in America – even his Republican minions in Congress, know that already.
    Trump’s political career began on the lie that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. On the second day of his presidency, he sent his press secretary, a public employee, out to lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. The lies have become more frequent and more indefensible in the months that have followed.

  • Column: Not ‘veering left,’ just away from the cliff

    While I find it encouraging that the Democratic Party is finally starting to ease back to the left of the Republicans (Google the 1956 Republican platform), my goal is to revitalize the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That is, the Democratic Party that lifted our nation from the economic ashes of the Great Depression that the excesses and corruption of the Republican Party created (sound familiar?), helped win World War II against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, and assisted both Allies and the defeated to rebuild from the destruction.

  • We will all miss Mr. Byrdic

    Mrs. Byrdic, I was so sorry to read that your husband, Chuck, was run over in his yard. I couldn’t believe it.
    I would blow the horn some days when I saw him in the yard. He made it beautiful and gave me ideas on what to plant in my yard. Of course, my yard has bad dirt and too many trees, but I still would try.
    I do not know y’all, but I feel I knew you. I, too, have been crying.
    He made heaven on earth there and I’m sure put smiles on everyone’s face who went by and looked at your beautiful yard and the flowers.

  • Column: Losing local newspapers threatens our democracy

    If you’re reading this column in your local newspaper, congratulations!
    Just by skimming your eyeballs over this page, whether it’s in print or online, you’re doing a vital service for your hometown, and for democracy as a whole. (Go ahead and take the rest of the day off.)

  • Column: Wake up before Trump sells U.S. out

    Let freedom ring.
    Our country is at a crossroads, where people have to decide what they want in the future. Our government has taken a turn for the worse. 
    I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, independent, liberal or conservative, we have to start sticking together or turn over our country to the Russians.

  • Letter: Sharing my heart with thanksgiving

    Thirty-eight years ago, I opened this little business on the corner of Catawba and Meeting streets – Leigh-Anne’s Restaurant – and was told I would never make it. Well, thanks to you wonderful people, I did.
    Many years ago, I sold it to my son, Marc, and he graciously allowed me to hang around a few days a week. The time has come for me to hang it up for good.

  • Column: Is Sean Hannity a journalist? Ask ‘who, what, when, why, where, how’

    For a brief period recently, it was a burning national question. Is Fox News star Sean Hannity a “journalist” or not?
    Let’s use the long-held set of journalistic questions to investigate: The proverbial who, what, when, where, why and how?

  • Column: Yes, let’s look at many issues – Democrats veer hard to the left

    Alert the media! It is not often that I have agreed with a Democrat on much of anything lately.
    William St. Louis’ column in Wednesday’s paper said we should not choose candidates based on one issue. He is right.
    We need to examine many issues the candidates support, and the first step is to examine the party of that candidate. The party ideology comes first, says Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.