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  • Column: Ugly badgering and humiliation of Kavanaugh a crude travesty

    One of the worst things that can happen to you is to be accused of something that you did not do. Even if you are eventually cleared of the alleged offense, you have, nevertheless, been punished.

  • Column: A family deals with Alzheimer’s, backed by a caring hospice team

    On Sept. 12, as we attended the memorial service for my husband, a special-fleet airplane lifted off from Charlotte Douglas International Airport carrying his body to Gainesville, Fla., en route to the University of Florida’s Research and Training Center.
    It was symbolic and comforting that as the family was leaving the sanctuary, the organist began playing that great gospel hymn “I’ll Fly Away.”

  • Column: Duke thanks all who are aiding state’s recovery after Florence

    Entire towns submerged. Homes and businesses destroyed. Lives lost.
    Hurricane Florence has devastated communities and impacted thousands of lives across South Carolina, particularly in the Pee Dee region. While some are anxiously waiting for the floodwaters to recede, the clean-up effort is under way in some places as we get through this trying time together.

  • Candidate's Column: Buck: Elect me for my 35 years of experience in S.C. schools

    I am asked frequently what I have to offer the community as a school board member. My answer is simple: a lifetime of experience in educating children.
    I have spent nearly 35 years in public education, living my dedication to children as a classroom teacher, school administrator and district administrator. I have worked with thousands of children and fellow educators, and I know firsthand the challenges they face daily.

  • Letter: Why won’t more use school buses?

    I understand school board candidate Chris Campbell’s concerns as the overcrowding in the Indian Land district continues.
    My concern is why are so many parents taking their kids to school in the morning. My taxes are buying buses to take students to school. But people are trying to get to work in the morning with SUVs flying by and cutting you off to get their kid to school.
    I have no kids. Can I opt out on paying school taxes? What is the lottery money going for? I thought for schools. I guess not.

  • Letter: All candidates should have to declare party

    I believe it should be a federal law that all individuals running for public office must be identified by party affiliation, whether it is via radio, television, newspaper advertising or road signs.
    Years ago I always voted for the person who I believed was best qualified. In the absence of their party identifications being made public, I enter the voting booth and I am in and out in 10 seconds after I vote the straight Democratic ticket.

    Merrel Wilkenfeld
    Indian Land

  • Column: State has long amassed health-care database

    If you receive health-related services from certain state agencies, chances are you weren’t told your personal information could be included in a massive “data warehouse” that lawmakers and their staffs have been allowed access to for years.
    A state privacy law and inter-agency agreements for the 16-year-old database offer weak privacy protections for citizens who deal with S.C. agencies, a review by The Nerve found.

  • Column: Our state’s FOI law a powerful muscle, needs constant flexing

    Through South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act, diligent journalists and others have discovered much revealing information about the actions of state and local government in our state.