Today's Opinions

  • Guest column: Creating a place that draws us back

    When we started this summer internship focused on the future of Lancaster’s downtown, we were not terribly optimistic at first.
    It seemed a task too big for three “Simterns” (interns at the J. Marion Sims Foundation) to handle. Plus, we’re long-term residents of this area, and almost all we can remember about downtown is more of the same.

  • Guest column: America needs a much shorter presidential election season

    It’s just August, with 15 months before the next U.S. presidential election, and the campaigns are in full swing.
    Are you tired of this yet? If you are, there is an answer: we should start moving toward a new schedule for the 2024 election.
    First, we should examine our present system and review our objectives. The reason we have presidential elections periodically is to allow the citizens to evaluate the operation of government and decide on the person who will lead us for four years, largely based on what they say they stand for.

  • Letter: We must remedy gun violence of all kinds

    As a teacher, I am addressing, with urgency, the inaction of some of our elected officials, as well as our citizenry. While mass shootings are justifiably of concern, there are hundreds of other shootings that occur daily.
    Domestic violence, suicide and urban violence also take a toll on victims, families and communities. Inner-city children in particular experience trauma by the violence in their neighborhoods. This translates into the inability to learn, which perpetuates the cycle of poverty in these communities.

  • Guest Column: Do we want America’s children to model themselves on Trump?

    This is in response to William St. Louis’s letter of Aug. 3. In it, he deplores the outbreak of racism that has come out of the closet since the candidacy and inauguration of Donald Trump as president.
    I am writing this letter to honor my parents. My father drew himself up by the bootstraps out of a poverty-stricken childhood, joining the Army, going to Harvard and Virginia medical school on an Army scholarship. The insecurities of his childhood did not prevent him from becoming one of the best internists in his area, and he lived to serve others.

  • Guest Column: Key element of road safety: Obey the rules in work zones

    The Lancaster News recently observed traffic problems resulting from the many road construction projects taking place in our county.
    The other day, I drove through four work zones across Lancaster County, starting on S.C. 903 and ending in Indian Land on U.S. 521. With the increase in road funding, we can expect to see a lot more work in the years to come – all of it helping bring much-needed relief to our long-ignored road needs.

  • Letter: Trouble ahead? Small companies lose 105K jobs in past 3 months

    The Labor Department released its national jobs report last week indicating that the country added 164,000 jobs in July. Another report, from the ADP Research Institute, put the national increase at 156,000.
    But the ADP report showed that small businesses with fewer than 20 employees shed 18,000 jobs in July. This was the third month in a row of jobs lost from these small businesses. They were down 50,000 in May and 37,000 in June.

  • Guest Column: Least-noticed part of law enforcement – incarceration

    Much of what the public sees of the criminal justice system is from news and television programs that show the front end – the arrests and investigations by law enforcement – and the back end – the courtrooms and trials.

  • Guest Column: Trump’s rants convince me he is a racist

    Generally, successful protests for changes in government policies come from the bottom. Citizens gain strength through a groundswell of protests that finally convince Congress to change course.