Today's Opinions

  • Column: Officials move toward selling Santee Cooper

    Last week the S.C. House made historic progress toward protecting South Carolina ratepayers and taxpayers. With Senate and House joint resolutions, consensus is building to sell the state-owned utility Santee Cooper.
    The House authorized the Public Service Authority Evaluation and Recommendation Committee to analyze bids to purchase the utility.
    A special legislative committee, comprised of four House members, four Senate members and the governor, started researching the potential sale of Santee Cooper eight months ago.

  • Letter: Don’t use taxes to help Panthers

    The number of jobs created by the new Panthers facility isn’t the issue. The issue is the use of taxpayer money to subsidize a private business – which the Panthers are – and that’s wrong.
    Even more wrong is the use of taxpayer money for this purpose when cash-strapped governments struggle to finance such basic public programs as schools, transportation, parks, etc.

  • Letter: Smollett case just makes no sense

    So let me see. If I lied about two black men wearing Obama hats attacking me, yelling racial slurs, pouring bleach on me, tying a noose around my neck and beating me, all I would have to do to walk away free is complete 18 hours of community service and forfeit $10,000 in bail?
    I think not!
    But that’s what happened to Jussie Smollett, the “Empire” actor who lied about being the victim of a hate crime. He did two days of community work with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition and forfeited his $10,000 bail.

  • Column: Honeycutt’s decision shows changing times in our county

    The recent decision of county council member Larry Honeycutt to leave the Democratic Party is another sign of the changing times here in Lancaster County.
    He followed the example of Cotton Cole, a former council member who left the Democratic Party in 2010, complaining about its leftward drift.
    At the time of Cole’s departure, there was just one Republican on county council. Now after Honeycutt’s decision, there is just one Democrat left on county council.

  • Column: Democrats’ shift puts party in right place moving ahead

    I recently received an email from a lifelong Democrat, county council member Larry Honeycutt. He expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the current state of political affairs and stated he could no longer identify as a Democrat due to what he perceived as a shift “to the left.”
    While I share his concern for the political dysfunction of the last eight years, I have to question where he is placing the blame.

  • Letter: Loved spring welcome from Dianne Evans

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading last Wednesday’s featured column of Mrs. Dianne Evans. It was a well-written piece that contained much truth.
    Thank you, Mrs. Evans, for welcoming spring in such a fitting manner.
    I’ve always enjoyed reading pieces from my former professor. This one was extra special!

    Neil Couch

  • Letter: Thanks, TLN staff, for exposing truth

    We rely on and expect our local newspapers and news stations to report the truth. And we should be offended when someone tries to control the content of truth.
    The incident whereby Eddie Moore, mayor of Heath Springs, who was reported as being a pastor for a good part of his life, trying to influence what should or should not be reported leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As it should in yours.
    I would like to thank Brian Melton and his staff, once again, for reporting and exposing the truth.

    Patricia J. Frantz

  • Commentary: Deal could give Panthers large tax breaks while creating no jobs

    Two weeks ago, S.C. lawmakers introduced legislation in both the House and the Senate to extend tax favors to the Carolina Panthers in an attempt to lure the NFL team to relocate its practice facility and headquarters (not its stadium) to South Carolina.
    Both bills were being fast-tracked through committee this past week.
    The identical bills contain three incentives.
    First, the legislation would amend the jobs tax credit law to make the Panthers eligible to receive the credit.