Today's Opinions

  • Guest Column: S.C. needs to defend Electoral College

    How should we elect the president of the United States?
    This was a settled question for most of American history, but today the system is under attack. A California-based campaign wants to throw out the old rules and replace them with a system that would benefit the biggest cities, dismiss small states like South Carolina and create new opportunities for stolen elections.

  • Editor's Column: Moment of panic in the car wash

    I always take something to the car wash to keep me busy during the 10 minutes it takes for the equipment to drag my car through, foam it, scrub it, rinse it and blow it off, after which some energetic young people dry it with towels and wipe shiny stuff on the tires.
    The car wash I use doesn’t let you get out of the car, so I’m stuck there, needing to fill the time. God forbid that I lose 10 minutes of productive consciousness.

  • Guest Column: Southern 500 getting plenty of tax dollars

    The thousands of fans who attended the Bojangles’ Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway this month aren’t the only folks supporting the annual NASCAR race.
    For years, taxpayers have subsidized the private stock-car racetrack dubbed “The Track Too Tough to Tame.” State comptroller general records, for example, show that the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (PRT) has paid the raceway a collective $500,000 since fiscal 2010, including $150,000 – the single-highest annual amount – last fiscal year.

  • Letter: So grateful for Dr. Rucker’s wisdom and encouragement

    I write this in memory of and in tribute to Dr. Douglas Rucker, a man who has done so much and meant so much to our Lancaster community.
    First, I offer my condolences, prayers and love to his family.

  • Guest Column: As a child, I watched Dr. Rucker, and I wanted to be just like him

    Icon. Legend. Luminary. Giant. When I think of Dr. Douglas Rucker, those are the words that come to my mind.
    I grew up at Mt. Zion AME Zion Church, and one thing was constant – Dr. Rucker sitting on the third pew from the back every Sunday.
    Never one to cause a scene. Always humble and courteous, no matter the status that he attained in life. He had the vision and ability to make things happen, often for the benefit of the church and the public, his family and his business, Rucker Denistry.

  • Letter: Graham must possess ‘Men in Black’ gadget

    Is the Lindsey Graham who spoke at Sun City Carolina Lakes this week the same one who, during the 2016 presidential election, called Donald Trump a jackass, a race-baiting xenophobic bigot, a nut job?
    Maybe Sen. Graham has obtained one of those doohickeys from “Men in Black” that erases memory.

    Bob Giliberti
    Indian Land

  • Letter: Willow Lake Road needs some upkeep

    I know there may be a lot more roads in worse shape than Willow Lake Road, but it’s dangerous.
    Start on East Arch Street and turn onto Willow Lake Road. The sidewalks are all grown over with grass, fallen tree limbs and trash. And going on down to the end, coming onto Meeting Street, you really have to pull out in the street to see what’s coming, because the weeds on each side are overgrown, and you can’t see. A car coming down by the school could hit you if you couldn’t back up out the road.

  • Letter: An idea on signage at chamber’s office

    I have gone to the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce building on Colonial Street several times only to find the door locked. If it is a matter of safety, an “Open – Please Knock” sign would be a good idea.
    Today I went down to pick up brochures for the Sun City Welcome Club at 10:30 a.m., and once again the door was locked. But this time a man working outside said no one was there. A “Closed” sign would be a good idea.
    If the chamber wants to promote the county, it should be more accessible.