Today's Opinions

  • Thieves steal pet, but not my heart

    This letter is directed to the thieves who broke our hearts by taking our beloved pit bull, Zebo.
    While the thieves stole our pet, they cannot take our hearts.
    The thieves also broke Zebo’s heart and soul.
    Zebo, I love you – a love that cannot be taken.
    To the thieves: What gives you the right that you can take what does not belong to you?

    Pandora Verdon

  • Letter writer speaks from experience

    I would like to give thanks to all who were named and those not named who helped in the arrest of Hell’s Angels. It takes persistence and great determination to accomplish what you all have accomplished. I realize that it is not over and that there will be more court hearings and testimonies to be given.
    I also want to encourage you all to not give up. Your courage, unity and faith got you this far. They will carry you through to the final verdicts. There are people praying for all of you. The number of prayer warriors is off the charts.

  • Proud to be a Christian

    I am proud to attend church every Sunday to worship my God, Jesus Christ. I am proud to live in the greatest country in the world, America. I am proud to have volunteered in the military, served four years and received an honorable discharge. I am proud to volunteer to help those in need. I am proud to give and lend financial help where the need requires.  
    I am proud to live under the laws of freedom’s documents (the Constitution and Bill of Rights). I am proud to stand at attention when the American flag passes before me.

  • Obama grants our few jobs to illegal immigrants

    President Barack Obama recently used his powers to temporarily block deportation and ease work rules for some illegal immigrants.
    So, now President Obama is granting illegal immigrants the opportunity to seize the limited jobs available in an ever-deepening recession.
    In spite of his irrational decision, President Obama is now facing a 2012 college and university graduating class, who voted for him and helped him win the 2008 presidential election, now finding a shrinking and/or disappearing job market under his failing economic policies.

  • Cauthen, Blackwelder deserve hall honors

    To earn entry to a hall of fame is quite a feat. To have two from one area earn election to a hall is extra special. Lancaster County is quite fortunate for the latter in regards to the S.C. Firefighters Hall of Fame.
    The Firefighters Hall inducted two fire chiefs from Lancaster County during its recent enshrinement at Myrtle Beach.
    Retired Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department Chief Paul Blackwelder and the late Elgin Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dennis Cauthen were inducted during the S.C. Firefighters Association Conference in Myrtle Beach on June 4-9.

  • Indian Land track reflects Kersey’s spirit

    When Wayne Kersey greets students and athletes, who knew his late son, Indian Land High School wrestling coach and Indian Land Elementary teacher Mike Kersey, he says he can see his son’s spirit.
    Coach Kersey, who died last fall as a result of an ATV accident at his home, continues to have a lasting impact on his students and athletes.
    Often Kersey’s familiar words – “Don’t pace yourself, push yourself,” were an inspiration to those he guided in class or the arena.

  • Here’s why I’m voting for Joyce Knott

    Considering what has transpired in Congress over the past two years: the country’s credit degrade, nearly defaulting on our debt obligations, paralysis on getting any bills passed (on the budget or otherwise), no willingness to compromise due to lobbyist influence and little evidence of Congress reflecting on how all this affects citizens and the country as a whole, I believe it is time for a change this November.

  • Proud to be a ‘radical’ Republican

    I am proud to be a Republican because of our past accomplishments and what we are trying to accomplish today.