Today's Opinions

  • Candidate's Column: Newton agenda: Education fixes, Santee Cooper decision

    First, I want to say thank you to the people of Lancaster and York counties for allowing me to represent you in Columbia. It has been truly humbling to be chosen to represent my community in the General Assembly.
    While it seems hard to imagine that the 2016 election was almost two years ago, election time is near and I am asking for your vote to continue to represent you in Columbia.

  • Column: Pro-life should mean more than opposing Roe v. Wade

    Being pro-life is defined as opposing abortion. The American Center for Law and Justice defines pro-life as “to defend the unborn, the widows, the disabled and the orphans… to serve the least of these in communities next door and across oceans, like organizations who serve the homeless or refugees who have fled war zones.”
    I support a woman’s right to choose. I also support this expanded view of pro-life.

  • Letter: We need a recreation culture like Rock Hill

    Over the past two decades, our neighbors on the other side of the Catawba River have made significant investments in their sports and recreation amenities.
    With annual recreation spending of $81 per resident, the city of Rock Hill sends a strong message to the region that it is a sports-minded community with a competitive spirit.

  • Column: Back limited antitrust bill for newspapers

    Information provided by news publishers is essential to our democracy. And now more than ever, it’s important to remind our political leaders of that critical role.
    In the upcoming midterm elections, much is at stake. News consumption skyrockets, yet newspapers have experienced years of revenue decline. We need leaders in Congress who will aid us in not only supporting our editorial independence, but our financial independence – we cannot continue to be the voice of the people if we can no longer invest in delivering high-quality news.

  • Column: Chamber backs recreation bond on Nov. 6 ballot

    The Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce encourages you to vote in favor of the county recreation bond on the Nov. 6 ballot.
    The chamber understands that to retain and recruit talent, a community must be competitive on many levels, and fortunately we have many of the components in place that make Lancaster County a great place to live and work.

  • Letter: Norrell should have raised ethics issue

    Please make the pain stop. Enough reading about the city council vote on Linda Blackmon and her back pay.
    If she was doing the job, she should receive some sort of pay for that. But what people have a problem with is the way it was handled. If council is voting about you, then by all means you should not vote.
    City Attorney Mitch Norrell said it was not his place to tell council how to vote. Whose job is it – the janitor’s?

  • Letter: Why is Kershaw gas so expensive?

    Kershaw has the highest gas prices – $2.64 and higher. Kershaw goes up first, and they are the last ones to go down.
    Camden is cheaper, and one oil company that owns a station in Kershaw owns another station in Chesterfield that has gas for $2.44 a gallon. Cheraw has gas for $2.49.
    Why are the stations in Kershaw and Lancaster ripping people off like this? You can tell where the greedy people are.

    Bub Faile

  • Column: How young leaders strengthen communities

    Editor’s note: Members of two local student groups – Young People in Charge and the Horizon Education Grants Youth Review Committee – wrote this article about a youth philanthropy and leadership conference they attended this summer.
    A group of high school youth and four chaperones from Lancaster and Chester counties attended the 2018 Youth Grantmakers Summer Leadership Conference at Central Michigan University over a long weekend in June.