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  • Prevent wrecks by using your turn signals

    Prevent wrecks

    by using your

    turn signals

    Have you ever been having a peaceful drive through Lancaster County, only to be jolted back to the present by the driver in front of you who almost caused a six-car pile-up because they failed to use their turn signal when changing lanes? If so, I believe I have a solution for this problem. Driving could be a more serene experience for those of us who drive, especially the novices.

  • Sanford should stop fight over stimulus

    Enough already. We get your point, governor – you want the state to use some of the stimulus money to pay down its debts, like any other responsible citizen would do.

    However, we’re not talking about just another citizen; we’re talking about the 4.5 million citizens of this state, who need that money to fund their schools and pay for public safety programs around the state.

  • Writer praises city officials

    I would like to thank Mayor Joe Shaw, Lancaster City Council, Mandy Powers Norrell, city  attorney, Helen Sowell, city administrator and Teresa Meeks, support services director, for your hard work and service you do for the city of Lancaster and its residents.

    Over the last five months, I had the opportunity to see what a great job your staff is doing for Lancaster.

    My hat goes off to your staff for their leadership and support. It is encouraging to see the great minds of city government come together to push this great city forward.

  • If you love your pets, don’t let them roam

    As a fellow animal lover, I am writing to respond to the letter by the Gonzales family over the recent tragic loss of their beloved pet, Banjo. I have to ask, “Why was Banjo out in or even near the road at all no matter what time of day without a leash on to restrain him?”

    Think about how badly the driver must have felt knowing they just killed something so special. How was this person to know which door to knock on? Did Banjo have a collar or an ID tag on with your name and address?

  • Hope it vital to county

    HOPE of Lancaster has been providing real hope to the people of Lancaster County for 26 years. In 1983, Susan Preslar saw a need to provide temporary help with the essentials of life to anyone who had lost their job. She met with the ministers and community leaders.

    Thanks to the generous donations from more than 140 Lancaster County churches, and many businesses and individuals HOPE has been able to feed and house families through many hard times since then.

  • Expect to work hard, have fun in fifth grade

    Editor’s note: Due to time constraints, Buford Elementary School fifth-grader Shirvie Jackson was unable to read her column on advice to fourth-graders during the Awards and Recognition Day on Monday, June 1. Here is the column.

    Dear fourth-graders,

  • We can't afford to let our graduates fail

    Tens of thousands of South Carolina families are observing an annual rite of spring, watching with pride as their sons and daughters cross stages to collect their high school diplomas.

    It’s cap-and-gown season, a time when we congratulate students on their accomplishments and send them into the world for further study or productive employment.

    It’s also a good time for this sobering reminder: For every three families who celebrate, there will be a fourth whose child won’t cross the stage with his or her classmates.  

  • Help available for veterans diagnosed with ALS

    On Sept. 23, 2008, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) published a ruling establishing a presumed service connection for any veteran diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease) at any time after separation from military service.

    Any veteran serving at least 90 days of continuous active duty, honorably discharged and diagnosed with ALS anytime after discharge is eligible to  file a claim for a service connected disability.