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  • Support for Obama rare; blame not so rare in S.C.

    Support for Obama rare; blame not so rare in S.C.

    I read with interest the recent editorial opinion by Mark Grier “Radical action needed to clean up the economy.” His letter showed support for President Obama, which is somewhat rare in South Carolina.

    A week or so later, I read the rather lengthy response by Chuck Payne. Mr. Payne seemingly was blaming Democrats, Obama and news organizations (with the possible exception of Fox News) for all of America’s economic woes. This stance is not so rare in South Carolina.

  • Government takes care of rich man, makes poor pay

    The big story of the fat-cat Wall Street bankers getting a big bonus for failure is a smoke screen for what has really happened. Regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are in control, when it comes to survival the government is going to take care of the rich man and make the poor man pay. The bonus deal simply covers the real crime.

    Congressman John Spratt has always portrayed himself as being a fiscal conservative. I considered him one of the most honest men on Capital Hill.

  • Kershaw seeking sincere officials

    Help Wanted: Government positions available for town in southern part of Lancaster County. Positions include mayor, two council seats and a town attorney. Must have town’s best interest at heart, be open-minded, considerate of others’ opinions, unbiased and thick-skinned. For those wanting to apply, please send resumes to Kershaw Town Council.

  • Give Obama’s programs chance before failing him

    I am a Lancaster native having graduated from both Lancaster High School and the University of South Carolina at Lancaster.

    I have lived in Columbia since graduating from the Columbia campus in 1986. I enjoy reading The Lancaster News online. I would like to respond to Sonny Plyler’s March 31 letter, “Obama gets an F in economics.”

  • Easter time of hope, new beginning

    Easter is renown as the holiest day on the Christian calendar, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians throughout the world celebrate the annual spring holiday with a host of traditional activities associated with the day. Such events include sunrise services, a visit from the Easter bunny, special church services, egg hunts and Easter dinner, which usually includes that tasty, centerpiece ham.

    Notable dates in the celebration of Easter are Lent, the 46-day period prior to Easter Sunday that begins on Ash Wednesday in February.

  • Animals, trees have more rights than unborn babies

    I have met a lot of people over the years. A song comes on the radio, a scene with friends plays out similar to one that had. Everyone has memories.

    There are people who touch a person’s life. That can’t be taken away. Most encounters are friendly, positive ones. Others may be negative, but all of them have made an impact on you.

    What if you didn’t have your favorite teacher or the close friend or spouse you met along your life’s journey? Where would you be today?

  • Mingo family grateful for support

    Words are inadequate to try to express our gratitude and appreciation to some beautiful and special people here in the Lancaster and Heath Springs communities.

    We want these people to know what their selflessness, thoughtfulness and acts of kindness meant to us during the illness and passing of our dear mother, Ella Mingo.

  • Providing alcohol for your child is a dumb idea

    I spoke with a parent last week and was surprised to hear her say, “I’m on my way to the store to pick up a few cases of beer and some snacks for my son, his date, and a few of their friends who will be coming over for an after prom party.”

    I immediately said, “Excuse me, you’re doing what?”