Today's Opinions

  • Give all county students opportunity for scholarships

    I read with great interest the article, “Students receive GEAR-UP scholarships.” This program, according to the article, allows middle and high school students to earn as much as $2,000 toward college per semester until they graduate based on their grades, attendance, behavior and other factors.

  • Youth need our help to find self-worth

    I recently got a call from my son telling me of the death of a young man on Cunningham Street. My heart was floored as we spoke about one of the suspects who had asked him for a job in his concrete business just a few weeks ago. My son did not have any jobs as he is struggling himself to make ends meet and not getting hardly any work because of the economy.

    Then I started thinking about the shooting on Gregory Street several months ago. The young man charged in that shooting had begged me day after day restoring one of my houses on 16th Street.

  • First Lady: Education is cool

    It’s cool to get A’s. That’s not a message that kids get every day. In fact for years, being a brainy student has been thought of anything but cool. Nerdy, geeky and egg-headish. Yeah, sure. Those words are the ones that students who have excelled in school have had to deal with from their peers for decades.

  • Supporters appreciate help with getting band uniforms

    On behalf of the Lancaster High School Band Booster Club, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the many individuals and businesses that assisted us in reaching our goal of new band and color guard uniforms.

    Our journey began with a Christmas tree raffle, selling Bojangle Discount Cards, and a band night at Pizza Hut.

    Café 901 sponsored our barbecue fundraiser and band night every Thursday in an effort to help raise money for new uniforms.

  • Reach out to struggling families before it’s too late

    While most families enjoyed a recent weekend, one unfortunate family in a Washington state trailer park did not. An argument at home left five children dead after their father killed them and later cowardly killed himself.

    Why would someone do something like this? The father should have been close to his children and cared for them.

    While we don’t know the situation surrounding the murders, I do know for sure that this tragedy could have been prevented.

  • Support for Obama rare; blame not so rare in S.C.

    Support for Obama rare; blame not so rare in S.C.

    I read with interest the recent editorial opinion by Mark Grier “Radical action needed to clean up the economy.” His letter showed support for President Obama, which is somewhat rare in South Carolina.

    A week or so later, I read the rather lengthy response by Chuck Payne. Mr. Payne seemingly was blaming Democrats, Obama and news organizations (with the possible exception of Fox News) for all of America’s economic woes. This stance is not so rare in South Carolina.

  • Government takes care of rich man, makes poor pay

    The big story of the fat-cat Wall Street bankers getting a big bonus for failure is a smoke screen for what has really happened. Regardless of whether Republicans or Democrats are in control, when it comes to survival the government is going to take care of the rich man and make the poor man pay. The bonus deal simply covers the real crime.

    Congressman John Spratt has always portrayed himself as being a fiscal conservative. I considered him one of the most honest men on Capital Hill.

  • Kershaw seeking sincere officials

    Help Wanted: Government positions available for town in southern part of Lancaster County. Positions include mayor, two council seats and a town attorney. Must have town’s best interest at heart, be open-minded, considerate of others’ opinions, unbiased and thick-skinned. For those wanting to apply, please send resumes to Kershaw Town Council.