Today's Opinions

  • Join in tribute to veterans this Sunday

    At 3 p.m. Sunday, May 24, we will conduct our 18th Annual Memorial Day program at Lancaster Memorial Park. We ask our community to join us in remembrance of those who have given so much to assure all our freedoms and now rest in cemetery’s throughout this county and state.

  • Support our local businesses today

    We want to remind you to go out and visit your local businesses today. In our Sunday edition we told you about a collaborative effort between The Lancaster News and local businesses to present “Spend $20 on 20th” campaign.

    The newspaper offered local businesses – many who cannot afford newspaper advertising – special rates of $20 to advertise for this one-day event. Advertisers, in return, advertise a special product for $20 to customers.

  • President also has a right to his views

    Once again the sage of Van Wyck, John Cauthen, offers his particular view of events in his May 3 guest column. “Obama should tout, not criticize America.”

    President Barack Obama doesn’t criticize America – its history or ideals – but simply the last eight years under the  leadership of the Bush administration.

    An administration that extolled patriotism, yet denigrated two America heroes for political gain.

  • Don’t judge a person based on one mistake

    I am terribly disturbed by the negative comments that have been made about Officer Stacey Roberts’ recent and tragic death.

    For all those people who think that public servants should be held to a standard of perfection, keep reading, because I have some news for you.

    As an experienced educator, I know that I am held to a different standard than others in the community. There are things that are expected of me when in public and there are things I simply just do not do to avoid setting a negative example for my students and former students.

  • ‘Going green’ helps China, hurts America

    County Council members obviously got a “warm and fuzzy feeling” by eliminating paper usage or as they said “going green.” They are going to buy USB drives made in China and stop buying paper made by American workers.

    I wonder if they stopped high fiving each other long enough to realize the largest employer in this area is a paper mill. When mill employees, wood growers and cutters, truck drivers, fuel and truck providers, and all the others that work indirectly in this industry are considered, the impact on the Lancaster economy is huge.

  • Writer: Tax on business income outrageous

    A recent article in The Lancaster News said the the sales tax increased to 7 cents per dollar on May 1. In fact, it increased to 8 cents on the dollar (6 percent sales tax, 1 percent local option and now 1 percent for the new courthouse). Businesses must collect this tax to be paid to the state. People grumble to the businesses and possibly take their business to counties who have less sales tax or out of state, and any of these outcomes hurt local businesses very much.

  • ‘Going green’ impacts our economy

    I read with interest in the May 13 edition of The Lancaster News that Lancaster County Council was going “green” by way of going paperless for their meetings. I read this news over breakfast in the paper version of The Lancaster News. I applaud any initiative to save taxpayer dollars, either through reducing an existing cost or improving efficiency of operations; but I am getting weary of constantly being told that “going green” is a wonderful idea regardless of the cost and inconvenience.

  • Paper mill was green before green was cool

    So County Council is going green. Why just choose paper as your “green” way? There are many in Lancaster County who work for a paper mill, and who pay taxes in this county. How many of these council members showed up in their “green” cars for that night’s meeting? How many of those laptops will end up in the landfill one day? Did you know that the paper-making industry is one of the greenest of all industries? More trees are planted each year in this country by paper companies than are harvested. That creates clean air for all to breathe.