Today's Opinions

  • Don't close Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department

    In the June 3 edition of The Lancaster News, the  headline read, “County may ax fire department.” In the June 7 edition, there was a headline, “Commission votes to close fire department.”

    Sounds like it may be a done deal. Let’s hope not. It is wrong. It is just plain wrong to attempt to close Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department or any other volunteer fire department for that matter. Perhaps a better title to the June 3 article should have been, “Someone has an axe to grind.”

  • Let me share another fairy tale

    In his July 8 letter, “Dialogue, health care for everyone is good news,” Lou Desser tells us how wonderful the Obama health care plan will be.

    He seems to think other countries with universal health care live in utopia.

    Well, all I can add to that is  ...and after Cinderella married the prince she thanked her fairy godmother and left for the castle.

    “You and the prince will live happily ever after,” sang Cinderella’s godmother. “But if you don’t, remember to blame it on that Bush fellow.”

  • First fundraiser a success

    White Oak Manor’s first fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research was a success. And that success was due to the all the hard work of White Oak employees, residents, their families, volunteers and support of the community. The event raised $2,560.68.

  • America sits silent as rights to healthcare slip away

    Comrade John Spratt has recently voted yes to increase your utility bill by $1,000 per year.

    His choice was to support his party or support the families of South Carolina. He chose his party. Comrade Spratt is a loyal subject of his party.

    The bill will increase gas prices and tax all manufacturing companies in the United States. Their taxes will be passed along to us.

    Families will pay for these taxes in many, many ways.

    Regarding national health care, Comrade Spratt will support this bill as a loyal subject of his party.

  • TEA Party draws more than 400 people

    Many volunteers showed up early morning on July 4 to begin getting ready for the TEA Party. We hoped it would be a success, but were a little concerned with it being a holiday.

    By noon Main Street had been blocked off and the street was full of people. We had people in town visiting relatives as far away as Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania. Of course, most of the people were local.

    It was so great. There were people of all ages gathered. They were holding signs and wearing hats decorated to protest the high taxes and out-of-control spending.

  • Have fun in water, but be careful

    In June we reported on the near drownings of two children in Lancaster County. The first was an 8-year-girl from a BridgeMill neighborhood pool.

    The second was a 2-year-old boy in his grandmother’s pool in the Van Wyck community. In today’s paper is a passionate letter from the 2-year-old’s grandmother, Brenda Hyatt. Hyatt is grateful and thankful for those who helped save him. She also issues a warning to others about pool safety.

    “Please don’t for one minute think this can’t happen to you,” Hyatt wrote.

  • Family grateful Tyler was saved

    My family and I would like to thank everyone involved in the rescue and recovery of my precious grandson on June 22.

    First, I want to thank the good Lord. I know God loves Tyler far more than we ever could. For whatever reason, he loved us enough to give him back. He had him in the palm of his hands and still gave him back for us to love and care for awhile longer.

  • Obama right to own up to America's weaknesses

    The guest column by John Cauthen, “Obama should tout, not criticize America,” in the May 3 edition of The Lancaster News regarding his perceived criticism of America by President Barack Obama and other related comments clearly point out the diversity of opinions regarding the complex issues facing our nation today.

    I was very interested in the analogy used by Mr. Cauthen between misrepresenting the condition of a used car to President Obama’s admission of past mistakes made by our government.