Today's Opinions

  • Current road repair system is not working

    Last year, The Lancaster News published a series of articles about the horrible conditions of roads in Lancaster County.
    The newspaper cited examples through several photos. One of the roads was Taxahaw Road – the road I live on.
    According to the article, the last time Taxahaw Road was paved was before 1994 and the S.C. Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining Taxahaw Road.

  • Community helps save Christmas for 47 children

    When God closes a door, he always opens another. This was truly demonstrated this holiday season.
    During a burglary at my shop, Gonzie and Son’s Assembly Shop, most of my bicycles and bike parts were stolen and sold for scrap metal.
    I could only think of the families who would not have bikes for their children during this Christmas season.
    A special thank you goes out to Barbara Rutledge and Christopher Sardelli of The Lancaster News for the story printed on Dec. 9, 2012.

  • What’s next? Taxing sun?

    The Earth and the entire universe is massive, as well as fragile. Each planet that circles our sun has different characteristics; no two are the same. For example, Jupiter is a giant gas planet so huge that 1,100 Earth-size planets could fit inside it. Jupiter, as well as Neptune, emits more energy than it receives.

  • Bring prayer back into our schools

    What is happening in our world today? People are going crazy with all the murders. We truly need to return prayer to our schools. Children weren’t dying then like they are now because of these monsters controlled by Satan.
    We must not let atheists control our country. We must teach our children to pray.
    I believe demons walk this earth to find some poor soul to do Satan’s will. Where Jesus is, Satan cannot abide.
    We must put Jesus back in schools. If atheists do not want their children involved, then they can be excused.

  • Congrats to ILMS and its principal

    Indian Land Middle School has been in the limelight a lot lately. The school stepped into the national spotlight early last month when its principal, David McDonald, was named the 2013 South Carolina Middle School Principal of the Year.
    A few weeks later, ILMS learned it had been redesignated as a National School to Watch, an honor given to high-performing middle schools.
    So the school has had a lot to celebrate lately and it begins 2013 glowing with deserved pride.

  • Don’t let Lancaster County become like Rhode Island

    I’m writing this in response to the recent ordinance passed by the Lancaster County Council on smoking. I attended one of the meetings and I spoke. It turned out to be a waste of time. I could tell their minds were made up. The council was going to follow the status quo of other cities and towns; God forbid if this county stood on its principles.
    I moved here from Rhode Island two years ago. After 50 years, I had to get out of there because that state was overrun by left-leaning activists.

  • Our faith is the reason we can cope with tragedies

    How do you cope when you hear there has been a shooting at an elementary school where your child attends?
    How do you cope when you get the news that all the children are accounted for except the class where your child is a student?
    How do you cope when someone tells you the sad news that everyone in that classroom is believed to be dead?
    How do you cope when you are asked to identify the body of your son or daughter and the only way possible is by the clothes they wear – the ones you put on them as they prepared for school that day?

  • Beware of Christmas decoration thieves

    Over Dec. 8-9, someone chose to take a Christmas decoration from our property. It was a cute, red mailbox with Snoopy on top. The mailbox door opened and closed, with little Woodstock sitting inside the mailbox door.
    We decided to purchase this decoration with the hope that it would bring a smile or some joy to passersby. Little did we know someone would take it away!
    So beware; there are people out there who think it’s OK to take things that don’t belong to them – even Christmas decorations.

    Sue Campbell
    Indian Land