• Motorists, cyclists need to put safety first

    I almost hate to bring this up. It hasn’t been a problem lately, but it is  spring, finally, and I am not anxious to see the cyclists out again in the Marvin area.
    I recently read “Info for Motorists” on the Florida Bicycle Association website, http://floridabicycle.org/for-motorists/, which I received from a Facebook friend. There must have been a reason. I hope I don’t encounter an accident.
    From that page, I feel an undue sense of entitlement and confidence expected by the cyclist that may put them in danger.

  • Disagree with other’s view, but don’t insult

    I’d like to respond to Crystal Stango’s March 22 letter, “Whittlesey’s gun control column ‘inane filler.’ ” Why is it that liberals can’t have a discussion without name calling or insulting the person who sees issues differently.
    The entire letter belittled him. Why can’t you submit a letter that has a different view than yours – without the insults?
    It’s liberals like you who live in a fantasy land when you think making another gun law will prevent shootings? How’s the war on drugs doing?

  • Let’s stop government from taking our rights

    The laws being proposed by some self-gratifying politicians will not do anything to prevent mass shootings like Sandy Hook, Ct.  
    We have laws that  aren’t being enforced. Why have new laws that do more to hurt the honest, hard working, law abiding gun owners?
    A firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen can deter crime. The same firearm in the hands of a criminal or evil person will cause pain and grief for all. There are no facts that banning firearms and magazines will stop crime.

  • Background checks to buy guns serve no purpose

    Background checks before the purchase of guns is useless and against the Constitution.
    The rights listed in our Constitution Amendments are not subject  to the whim of some elite bureaucrat sitting in a cubical somewhere.
    For the casual thinker, like most Liberal Democrats, background checks are a good thing. It keeps people who should not have a gun from getting one. It keeps gangs, thieves, terrorists and felons from getting guns.
    Only problem is that they do not submit to those checks. So how are those checks working for us?

  • Courtrooms fail to protect children

    I remember how sick I felt in early March when I heard how 5-year-old Soren Chilson lost her life. I had trouble sleeping that week and could not get this little girl off of my mind.
    It seemed that everybody I came in contact with had the same reaction – overwhelming feelings of sadness and anger that something this terrible could happen to an innocent, defenseless child.

  • Don’t sacrifice civil rights to ‘do something’

    I would like to respond to Crystal Stango’s March 22 letter, “Whittlesey’s gun control column ‘inane filler.’ ”
    Stango was taking Whittlesey to task for his column, “Gun-ban effort infringes on our right to bear arms.” I would like to offer the following observations:
    1. The statement that “nobody is asking for a gun ban” is incorrect. Many, having including some in state and federal government are asking for that.

  • Community rallies to help centurion celebrate

    On March 16, 2013, Morningside of Lancaster had the privilege of hosting the 100th birthday party for our resident, Mr. Ted Robinson.
    You can imagine that through his 100 years, Mr. Ted has acquired a few friends.
    With nearly 300 guests expected, we needed to rethink our strategy. We needed help.
    Thankfully, we were able to enlist the help of our volunteers and several  local businesses. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the part they took in honoring Mr. Ted.

  • IL residents roar on neighborhood issues

    Indian Land needs to give a big hand to the residents of the Collins Road and Shelly Woods communities for protecting our world from more destruction by Lancaster County. 
    Collins Road people stood up and spoke up to County Council, letting them know they didn’t want B-3 zoning in their backyards. 
    The Shelly Woods residents told Lancaster County to take their trash collection center somewhere else.
    It works; we can take control of Indian Land’s destiny when we come together.
    We are strong; hear us roar.

  • The truth about Easter

    Most people now think that Easter is all about the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and bunnies. But it’s not.
    Easter is all about the one and only Jesus Christ. Parents just aren’t teaching their kids about the true meaning of Easter anymore, but they need to. Easter is all about the day that Jesus rose out of the tomb where he spent three days and three nights.
    God told him that he was to rise from that tomb, and like the noble Christian he was, he followed his father’s order.

  • World is getting more corrupt

    Our economy is bad and our world is corrupt.
    When I was growing up, life was bad. But now it seems like the world is coming to an end because people are killing each other and drug dealers are getting away with murder.
    The president needs to do something before it is too late.

    Therine Jr. Miller