• Thank all of our law officers

    My dad was killed in the line of duty as a city police officer. I was 5 years old and I know what it’s like to grow up without my dad. So, please honor and thank all law officers. They never know when they walk out the door if they will see their families again. They serve to protect us. God bless them all.

    Reba Sowell Hallman Daughter of
    B. Frank Sowell,
    City police officer
    Killed on July 4, 1937

  • Board grateful for support

    On behalf of Lancaster County Partners for Youth board of directors I would like to extend a huge thank you for everyone in the community who was involved with the 22nd Annual Crenshaw Oil Golf Tournament benefiting our Lancaster County Partners for Youth’s scholarship program.
    I especially want to thank Hal Crenshaw, Jessica Lawson, Carlean Taylor and all the other Crenshaw Oil employees who worked so hard in making this tournament our best yet.

  • Planned Parenthood against future families

    Recently, President Barack Obama spoke at the annual national conference of Planned Parenthood (PPH) in Washington, D.C.
    He was the first president to address that organization.
    In his speech he said, “God bless Planned Parenthood.” I want to know what activity that organization does that he wants God to bless?
    Obama claims to be a Christian, but I use Scripture to analyze.
    In Matthew 7:15-16,  Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets you shall know them by their fruits.”

  • When will we learn to drive safely?
  • No gas stations for semi-trailer trucks in IL

    This letter is in response to Van Wyck resident J.R Wilt’s April 26 guest column, “Council is locking barn door after horse has gone.” Mr. Wilt states that S.C. 75 is beginning to pick up in truck traffic. Well, this is true, but not because of  gas stations. S.C. Department of Transportation lowered the weight limit on the bridge on Van Wyck Road last year, so now trucks use 75 to get to S.C. 5.  S.C. 75 is indeed very narrow and not a truck route.

  • Writer commends Lage’s comments

    Just the other day I started an opinion piece, which I discarded as being a bit over the hill.
    Then the May 1 edition of The Lancaster News there was an excellent letter, “Good plan needed to accommodate progress,”  from Edgewater resident John Lage.  Mr. Lage is a transplant from Rhode Island who appears to understand the reasons which have generated complaints from the northern section of the county. Many of which have been expressed on this page.

  • Time for Lancaster to update Dixie fields

    We went to a Dixie Baseball game in Chester with a friend who has a son who plays with a Lancaster Dixie team. The Rodman Sports Complex is beautiful. How long do we have to deal with what we have? Lancaster’s economic situation is not as bad as Chester and yet, Chester has that nice complex. Lancaster parking stinks and has for years and facilities are not maintained the way they should be. Furthermore, the location isn’t the greatest.

  • Future generations need a republic

    I would like to respond to Phil Noble’s column, “Nullification – are these guys nuts?” in the April 10 edition. The frustration expressed in Mr. Nobles’ article is understandable, especially if he is not from South Carolina. For those of us, who are descendants of families who have live in the Palmetto state for more than 300 years, view nullification as natural as a squirrel eating Statehouse nuts. Hopefully, this does not apply to the nuts he say are inside the capitol building.

  • When hauling trash, keep it covered

    I want to share a recent experience I had on Dixie School Road in the Buford community. About 2 p.m. on March 28, I met a flatbed truck with a gray tarp. Debris was flying from this vehicle. Some hit my car and damaged it. I have since had it repaired. I feel sure the driver will recognize himself or herself if they read this letter.  But that is in the past.
    The point I’m trying to make is that if you are hauling trash, be sure it is secure. This was only a car. The next time it could be a person, even a child.

    Peggy Lucas

  • Don’t abuse handicapped parking

    Do you know someone who is truly handicapped or disabled? My husband is and, believe me, it has made me so aware of the stress he has in using the motorized carts that some stores have, using the facilities and parking issues.
    I believe we have misused the word “handicap.”
    Even though patients with heart conditions are requested to walk, they ask their doctors for a handicapped tag, so they can park close to stores’ entrances with little to no walking.