• Citizens shouldn’t feel intimidated at meetings

    There was a good citizen turnout at Lancaster County Council meeting on Monday, Sept 9. Thirteen people gave public comments, most opposing the Cluster Development Ordinance, some concerning other topics.
    All comments were well-constructed, appropriate and spoken with respect.

  • Resident finds council informed and knowledgeable

    I recently had the opportunity to go to my first County Commission meeting for the first time in my 25-plus years of being a Lancaster County resident. I am not writing this letter because of a favorable outcome or a personal thank-you note. Instead, I feel this meeting was a totally unexpected experience.
    I have read multiple posts in newspaper editorials, Facebook pages and dialogue with other community citizens on how bad county commissioners are. I have heard that they are biased, uninformed and incapable a making good decisions, etc..

  • Writer urges SCDOT to fix Taxahaw Road

    Since my first letter about the horrible shape of Taxahaw Road two years ago the S.C. Department of Transportation has done pretty much nothing concerning what I believe to be – not only an exercise in defensive driving but a hazard as well.
    Is there no money to fix this? I read, just like I’m sure a lot of you did, that the portion of this road from Potter Road to S.C. 522 is in the process of being repaved. To that I say, “bravo.” That leads to me also saying, “what about the rest?” These two points cover about 3.5 miles.

  • Atheists don’t have right to shut out God

    I recently read that the name Jesus Christ cannot be invoked in prayer in government offices and other public places in parts of North Carolina.
    Atheists are getting their way again. Those of us, who are Christians, should fight atheists on this issue. We, too, have rights.
    If you are an atheist and don’t believe in God, then don’t invoke his name. But those of us, who are Christians, will.

    Carl M. Miles

  • Pray for Egypt

    Editor’s note: Chester resident Bill Floyd is a business owner, who travels a lot. Several years ago Floyd wrote a series of stories about the time he spent in Egypt for the Chester News & Reporter, a sister paper to The Lancaster News. Floyd made many friends while there and has kept in contact with them. Following are letters from one of his friends on what it’s like now in Egypt.

  • Hirtle ‘hero’ to stranded driver and passengers

    There are so many negative thinking individuals of our town who fail to recognize the Lancaster Police Department for the fine job their staff and officers are doing protecting us all.

  • Messing with Santa Train off-the-wall no-brainer

    You know when folks in city or county government get to thinking, they sure come up with some harebrained ideas. Messing with the children’s Santa Train (“Council considers changes to Santa Train” in the Aug. 16 edition of The Lancaster News) is one of the latest off-the-wall no-brainers.
    Gosh, kids want to ride the good ole L&C, not shop in downtown Lancaster, visit the Native American Center and buy some wigs from local merchants.
    I guess the next idea is to offer beer sales, too.

    W.B. Evans

  • We must continue effort to save animals

    There’s an old expression of “you can’t have too much of a good thing.” I’m here to prove otherwise. Saturday, Aug. 17, was National Homeless Animals Day.
    This worldwide event pays tribute to the more than 4 million animals destroyed in our nation’s shelters each year.
    Although the number of animals killed annually has dropped dramatically over the past 23 years, statistics show that a shelter animal is killed every six seconds.

  • Do smokers’ rights trump nonsmokers’ rights?

    The Aug. 14, 2013, letter to the editor “New York, nor county has the right to tell us how to live” has an interesting Libertarian position and certainly valid.
    The author’s challenge to provide an example of where anyone is forced to breathe second-hand smoke is equally valid.
    Put in a situation where someone is smoking, the nonsmoker can leave or stop breathing.

  • Notice to Lancaster County taxpayers

    Tax notices for 2013 are being prepared to be mailed next month. Owners of real estate, personal property and businesses will receive their bills and they are due by Jan. 15, 2014, without penalties.
    A major change is in effect as of July 26, 2013, with the S.C. Department of Revenue.
    The counties no longer have access to the DOR system, due to the data breech the state experienced this past spring.
    Therefore, we will no longer be able to make changes in the office, as we have in the past.