• Urge elected officials to protect our voting rights

    WHEREAS, civic participation is the guiding principle and foundation to our democracy and where we firmly believe that our government is a “government of the people, by the people, for the people”; and
    WHEREAS, the South has a shameful history of suppressing the right to vote through poll taxes, literacy test and other humiliating methods; and
    WHEREAS, the 1965 Voting Rights Act is under attack and must be preserved to ensure equality and fairness in our electoral process

  • Time to move forward, stay there

    I would like to respond to the Voter Rights Act, which was not acted on by the Supreme Court. I was 13 years old when then President Lyndon B. Johnson signed this bill into law. Now at age 59, I see history repeating itself. I remember when I graduated from Lancaster High School in May 1972 and voted for the first time. What grabbed me was that it was on paper. I will never forget this. I thank God I voted anyway.

  • Word game got Deen in trouble

    I still like Paula Deen even if she doesn’t pass the popular politically correct media test.  Paula had a rough time raising two kids without the financial support of a husband in residence.
    Somehow she got a little business going and with a lot of hard work it prospered. Sure, some of her homespun stuff was a bit overplayed, but if you got it, you have to flaunt it. Some of her programs were a bit overdone, but aren’t most television shows?
    In fact, I was tickled when she found a new love and I enjoyed the televised nuptials.

  • County will miss diabetes center

    We were very sad to hear that the University of South Carolina Lancaster was was closing the Diabetes Education Center. It is sad because every town in the United States of America needs a program like this considering that 8.3 percent of our population has it and it is the seventh leading cause of death.
    Pamela Giardiello, former director of the center, did a lot in the community to promote this program with health fairs and fundraisers.
    The golf tournament put on every August since the program started was one of the most successful golf tournaments of the year.

  • Animal shelter needs to catch up with time

    Every time I drive through Lancaster County I see signs proclaiming We are Lancaster! and have to wonder what this is saying – revitalization, community, great place to live and work? My destination in Lancaster is Lancaster County Animal Control. Many people may not know there is a shelter off South Main Street, next to a convenience site. The sign is obscured by tree limbs so you have to look closely.

  • We have the government we deserve

    Gun control is not about actual gun control, it is about power and control over peoples lives.
    It is about the destruction of our Constitution. It is about politics.
    The IRS is not a revenue collection agency any longer, it is an agency to have power and control over our lives. It is a political organization now.
    The judicial system is not about the rule of law supported by the Constitution.
    Our judicial system is about what the individual wants. It is about power and control over peoples lives outside of the law.

  • No need to build new LCEDC headquarters

    I’d like to know when Keith Tunnel became a self-appointed czar of Lancaster County? With all the numerous county-owned buildings spread throughout the county, he wants a brand spanking new office building that will only cost the county $692,000 by his estimate.

  • Writer praises Lancaster Fire Department

    My name is Gloria Wylie and I am the property manager for Miller Grove Apartments located at 2017 Miler St. in Lancaster S.C. I have been at this property for 5 ½ years. In the month of May I had what would have been considered as every property manager’s worst nightmare. On May 16 and  17  I had two fires, back-to-back.

  • Good News Clubs are making a difference

    A Supreme Court decision in 2001, after reviewing the constitution, decided that it was unconstitional to deny access to a Christian-based organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Clubs, access to school property. Because of that decision prayer was allowed back into schools.
    Many states, counties, churches and individuals are unaware of the greatness of God in getting prayer back into schools, and the vehicle he used – Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).

  • Collaborative effort now underway to reduce DUIs

    If you drink and drive this summer, there is a good chance your will get to spend some quality time with some of Lancaster’s finest. You may start with a deputy of Sheriff Barry Faile, an officer of Police Chief Harlean Howard or a state trooper under the command of Col. Mike Oliver.