• Letter: I back Studebaker for probate judge

    I would like to express my support for Dee Studebaker, who is running for Lancaster County probate judge.
    I am a local attorney, and probate work is a part of my practice.  Over the last year, I have had the good fortune to appear before Studebaker, the county’s associate probate judge, on several occasions.

  • Letter: We weren’t lucky, we were blessed

    I take exception to your Oct. 12 headline about Tropical Storm Michael: “Lucky again, as storm blows past.”
    The headline should have read “blessed again,” as Darren Player, the county emergency management director, said in the article.
    Luck had no part in both storms not devastating Lancaster County. It was God who spared our county from being torn apart. An untold number of prayers were answered.

    Carl Mintz
    Heath Springs

  • Letter: Candidate apologizes to debate audience

    Editor’s note: The writer is the Constitutional Party candidate for the 5th District congressional seat. He debated at Tuesday’s Before You Vote Forum at USC Lancaster.

    I must give a public apology to the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and the audience for my poor performance at the forum Tuesday night.
    The public attended to receive more information about the candidates. I am afraid I did not do a very good job of it. I came prepared to talk about the issues. I was thrown off focus by the questions I was asked.

  • Letter: Democratic Party favors rec bond

    This month, a presentation on the proposed Lancaster County parks and recreation bond was made at the Lancaster County Democratic Party’s monthly meeting.
    Sherri Gregory and Pamela Trimnal made a very informative – and entertaining – case for the county’s voters to cast their ballots “In Favor Of” this referendum.

  • Letter: We need a recreation culture like Rock Hill

    Over the past two decades, our neighbors on the other side of the Catawba River have made significant investments in their sports and recreation amenities.
    With annual recreation spending of $81 per resident, the city of Rock Hill sends a strong message to the region that it is a sports-minded community with a competitive spirit.

  • Letter: Norrell should have raised ethics issue

    Please make the pain stop. Enough reading about the city council vote on Linda Blackmon and her back pay.
    If she was doing the job, she should receive some sort of pay for that. But what people have a problem with is the way it was handled. If council is voting about you, then by all means you should not vote.
    City Attorney Mitch Norrell said it was not his place to tell council how to vote. Whose job is it – the janitor’s?

  • Letter: Why is Kershaw gas so expensive?

    Kershaw has the highest gas prices – $2.64 and higher. Kershaw goes up first, and they are the last ones to go down.
    Camden is cheaper, and one oil company that owns a station in Kershaw owns another station in Chesterfield that has gas for $2.44 a gallon. Cheraw has gas for $2.49.
    Why are the stations in Kershaw and Lancaster ripping people off like this? You can tell where the greedy people are.

    Bub Faile

  • Letter: Random musings on incongruence

    The people who praised Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee for his beliefs are the same people who looked down on Tim Tebow for taking a knee for his.
    People who want to make guns illegal think this will stop gun violence. That really worked with drugs, didn’t it folks?
    Why do I need to own an AR-15? Why did Rosa Parks need to sit in the front of the bus? In a free country, one should not have to show need to exercise a basic right.

    Ronald Hopkins

  • Letter: Support Buck for school board

    I recently read Ken Buck’s column in your paper and I have to say that I am impressed with his stance on so many of the issues he addressed.
    I have always felt as though teachers needed to get more involved on school boards since I think they would know best what is going on in our schools and what works or does not work.

  • Letter: Vote ‘In Favor’ on rec bond, enhance Lancaster’s livability

    I voted last week – a privilege granted to those of us of a certain vintage and others with challenges that prevent them from voting on Nov. 6.
    And I voted enthusiastically “In Favor” of the $19 million bond referendum that is on the ballot.