• Fox News intelligent source?

    In the June 29 edition of The Lancaster News, John Lage blasts Carolyn Taylor’s rebuttal article for the inclusion of her educational background.

    Then, Mr. Lage praises television’s Fox News, which is apparently his source of intellect. Nuf said!

    W.B. Evans


  • Mungo letter: Writer thanks ‘guardian angel’

    This letter is to my guardian angel. I don’t know who you are, but my mind is in a daze over your generosity. You are truly an angel who will always live in my heart. I really appreciate what you have done. May God bless you.
    Rita M. Mungo

  • Democrats legacy is broken-record responses

    Not wishing to belabor the issue, but I wish to thank The Lancaster News for publishing the rebuttal of Michael Jedson “Democrats protect all Americans,” on June 1 as it proves my points quite well concerning Democrats – broken-record responses and low-information voters. He needs to be addressed.

  • Verify facts before stating them

    This is a response to John P. Lage’s article entitled, ”Tea party believes in the Constitution,” in the May 21 edition of the Lancaster News. His article responded to an article, “Tea Party Demise,” written by me, Michael Jedson, published, which was retitled by the editor as “According to polls, tea party’s demise is obvious.” Part of the original article was edited also.

  • Lage questions Taylor’s points

    Carolyn Taylor, I’m still trying to figure out what points you were trying to reference about my tea party letter in your column, “Constitution more than ‘just piece of paper’”in the June 18 edition of The Lancaster News.

  • Don’t litter, drive posted speed limit

    John A. Delfausse’s letter “Consider roundabouts instead of intersections” in the June 11 edition of The Lancaster News,reflects his concern for beauty and orderly flow of traffic through Indian Land. Who is gonna teach the  driving public to maneuver on a roundabout? A roundabout is a stationary merry-go-round and drivers have to exit sometime into the flow of heavy through traffic. Much like the fear you have when a vehicle is merging from a ramp without regard to the posted “Yield” sign. Sure hope the guy riding your bumper is alert.

  • Partners for Youth invests in students, their future

    Partners for Youth invests in students, their future

    I would like to thank Laura Caskey for recently writing about the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR Up) at Lancaster High School and Andrew Jackson High School.

    Six years of college-focused workshops, special events, college trips, counseling, scholarship awards and other ways highlighting the path for students to attend college culminates at graduation this month followed by the students enrolling in college.

  • Indian Land’s growth must be better managed

    We recently moved to Indian Land and are building a house in Van Wyck. We are struck by the opportunity and the risk ahead for Lancaster County.

    Ballantyne is growing at a rapid rate and will continue to grow down U.S. 521 toward Lancaster.

    We’re all for development, but if it is not properly managed, Indian Land will become the next Huntersville or Fort Mill and will be nothing but gridlock, overcrowded schools and poorly planned roads. With proper planning, the Panhandle can be the crown jewel of Lancaster County. 

  • Today’s grads give reason for optimism

    For millions of young adults here in South Carolina and across the country, it’s an exciting and uncertain time – graduation time.

    Many South Carolina colleges have recently held May commencement exercises, and most high schools hold graduation ceremonies in late May or early June.

    For high school and college graduates alike, beginning a new chapter in life can be both exciting and scary.

  • Be careful what you wish for

    Seems like my more vocal neighbors up on the northern frontier are struggling for home rule. Home rule usually means you make your own laws and can amend financial support to the rest of Lancaster County.

    I urge you good folks to be careful what you wish for.