• Time to consider the needs of others

    This letter is in response to U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s column, “Shutdown is really a slowdown,” in the Oct. 16 edition of The Lancaster News. You’re still pointing fingers and blaming President Barack Obama when there are always two sides to everything. The blame belongs to the tea party Republicans who are really trying to take over the Republican Party. Where division is there confusion lives.

  • Congress should participate in Obamacare

    America has a two party system, but it is not Democrat versus Republican any more. It is the ruling class (both Democrats and Republicans) versus everyone else.

  • Fire department appreciates support

    We would like to thank everyone who supported the recent chicken and rice sale at the Camp Creek Volunteer Fire Department.
    You are what keeps us going everyday. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the following: The Meat Center, Tammy and her staff at Elmo’s Restaurant, Camp Creek Store and a really special thanks to Toby Roberts for coming and helping on his own time. We also appreciate Marvin and Judy Starnes and all the volunteers and their families for the hours of hard work they put in to make this a success.

  • Department credits expo’s success to the public

    The Lancaster Fire Department would like to express our gratitude for the public’s participation in the 19th Annual Fire Safety Expo. Your contributions and support played an important role that made it possible to host and promote this great event by giving door prizes and gifts at this free event for the community.

  • Republicans need to communicate better

    U.S. Rep. Mulvaney’s guest column, “Shutdown really a ‘slowdown,’” in the Oct. 16 edition of The Lancaster News, explains very well what Republicans are trying to do, which is give the middle class the same relief that President Barack Obama is giving Congress, himself and government staffers, as well as his business buddies and insurance companies. This is a $2.9 trillion anti-seniors takeover scam that alone adds $1 trillion to the debt.

  • Keep our roads in South Carolina safe

    As drivers and officials of commercial vehicles, please follow federal guidelines for inspection of commercial vehicles. No vehicle should be operated if it is in an unsafe condition. Tires have an expiration date. Let’s don’t let what happened in North Carolina happen in South Carolina.
    As drivers or inspectors, let’s stay on top of our commercial motor vehicles, stay safe on our highways and keep people of South Carolina safe.

    Danny Williams


  • Congress must do what it is supposed to do

    What has our country come to? Federal shutdowns are happening too often. Our soldiers should always get their benefits.
    They put their lives at risk to protect our country. Their families should not be denied death benefits. This is outrageous.
    The elderly and disabled should not have to worry if we will get our checks or not.
    Congress and the president were elected to run this country. And that’s what they should do. We – the citizens – expect you to do your job. If not, then you should not be in office.

  • Reader disappointed by Mulvaney’s budget vote

    I was saddened, disappointed and frustrated to learn that my congressional representative, Mick Mulvaney, voted against the budget continuation and debt limit.
    Actually, what he voted against was reopening the federal government that enables benefits to be continued to veterans, senior citizens and the poorest among us.
    He voted against continuing our progress out of the recent recession.

  • Open letter about gun range near new IL school

    I recently read an article in The Lancaster News and Carolina Gateway about a gun range being given a permit to open less than one mile from the soon-to-be-open new elementary school in Indian Land.
    I could not help but disagree with this decision on so many levels.
    First, does it make sense to have guns anywhere near a school with what has transpired recently regarding schools and guns? Painting a broad brush on guns is not my intention by mentioning this. I’m merely saying guns and schools don’t mix.

  • Common Ground for all Christians

    After 38 years of ministry in Lancaster, I would like to take an opportunity to thank all those who have helped make Lancaster a better place.
    After two years pastoring Wade and Waxhaw Presbyterian churches, which I really enjoyed, the Lord led me to form the Church of Lancaster. From there, we formed the Living Water Christian Bookstore and Christian Services. Christian Services helps ministry, and numerous youth ministries including the 180 Center, Lancaster Christian School, Day Star Youth Camp and summer camps.