• Check out golden oldies radio station

    Being an antique collector of old radios, I found myself in search of a repairman three years ago. What was amazing is that I did and he just so happened to live right here in Indian Land.

    Not only is Dave De Betta a great repairman, but full of knowledge of interesting information about other antique tidbits of radios, record players and TVs.

    One of the things he exposed me to enjoy the sound coming out of my antique radios was a wonderful radio station here in our area. If you have never tuned in, I beg you to. It is WAVO 1150 AM.

  • Fond memories of ife on Midway

    Reading W.B. Evans’ columns causes me to reflect on my past years, especially the 1950s and 1960s.

    Drinks were in returnable bottles and they tasted a lot better than the ones of today.

    Bob Lambert ran a moving company at a store that was run by Curly Briscoe. Mama would send me to the store and I could buy a candy bar for 5 cents. Back then, you could get four pork chops for 75 cents. Curly and his wife were two of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

  • Oglesby letter: VW post office vital part of community

    The Van Wyck post office was the subject of a community meeting July 9.
    The meeting was scheduled to be held at the post office, but was moved to the community center, due to threatening weather and the large crowd trying to fit into our tiny “village post office.”
    It seems that small towns across America are losing the heart of their community as the U.S. Postal Service downsizes, closing or drastically reducing counter service hours.

  • Woman grateful road is paved


    I would like to thank Boggs Paving Co. for fixing a road that badly needing fixing – Boxcar Road. I live on Boxcar Road and I am so glad that we don’t have to dodge all of the potholes. Thank you, again.

    Now, if we could just get Riverside Road and a lot of other roads in Lancaster fixed.

    Betty L. Bailey


  • Writer: Walker’s columns creditable and well-written

    I applaud and encourage the insightful and informative guest columns submitted by Brooks Walker and frequently published on the opinion page of The Lancaster News.

    Many should – and no doubt do – appreciate the well-written, well-cited facts that he presents in a direct, creditable manner.

    In the June 29 edition, his column, “There’s a time when loyalty is not a virtue,” his skillful analogy of the Nordic lemming to the low-informed voter is of particular note in its creativity and in its merit.

  • Sen. Scott to honor Vietnam veterans Aug. 2 in Columbia

    On Aug. 2, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott will host a special ceremony in Columbia to honor South Carolina’s Vietnam War era veterans for their service to our country.

    During the ceremony at the First Baptist Church of Columbia, 1306 Hampton St., Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. James Everett Livingston, retired from U.S. Marine Corps, will deliver the keynote address. Military bands from around South Carolina will perform and military artifacts and memorabilia from the era will be on display.

  • Fox News intelligent source?

    In the June 29 edition of The Lancaster News, John Lage blasts Carolyn Taylor’s rebuttal article for the inclusion of her educational background.

    Then, Mr. Lage praises television’s Fox News, which is apparently his source of intellect. Nuf said!

    W.B. Evans


  • Mungo letter: Writer thanks ‘guardian angel’

    This letter is to my guardian angel. I don’t know who you are, but my mind is in a daze over your generosity. You are truly an angel who will always live in my heart. I really appreciate what you have done. May God bless you.
    Rita M. Mungo

  • Democrats legacy is broken-record responses

    Not wishing to belabor the issue, but I wish to thank The Lancaster News for publishing the rebuttal of Michael Jedson “Democrats protect all Americans,” on June 1 as it proves my points quite well concerning Democrats – broken-record responses and low-information voters. He needs to be addressed.

  • Verify facts before stating them

    This is a response to John P. Lage’s article entitled, ”Tea party believes in the Constitution,” in the May 21 edition of the Lancaster News. His article responded to an article, “Tea Party Demise,” written by me, Michael Jedson, published, which was retitled by the editor as “According to polls, tea party’s demise is obvious.” Part of the original article was edited also.