• Column: A family deals with Alzheimer’s, backed by a caring hospice team

    On Sept. 12, as we attended the memorial service for my husband, a special-fleet airplane lifted off from Charlotte Douglas International Airport carrying his body to Gainesville, Fla., en route to the University of Florida’s Research and Training Center.
    It was symbolic and comforting that as the family was leaving the sanctuary, the organist began playing that great gospel hymn “I’ll Fly Away.”

  • Letter: Why won’t more use school buses?

    I understand school board candidate Chris Campbell’s concerns as the overcrowding in the Indian Land district continues.
    My concern is why are so many parents taking their kids to school in the morning. My taxes are buying buses to take students to school. But people are trying to get to work in the morning with SUVs flying by and cutting you off to get their kid to school.
    I have no kids. Can I opt out on paying school taxes? What is the lottery money going for? I thought for schools. I guess not.

  • Letter: All candidates should have to declare party

    I believe it should be a federal law that all individuals running for public office must be identified by party affiliation, whether it is via radio, television, newspaper advertising or road signs.
    Years ago I always voted for the person who I believed was best qualified. In the absence of their party identifications being made public, I enter the voting booth and I am in and out in 10 seconds after I vote the straight Democratic ticket.

    Merrel Wilkenfeld
    Indian Land

  • Letter: Stadium parking needs better lights

    I enjoy going to the Buford football games. I do not enjoy walking through the parking area.
    We need more lights for the safety of the people. Let’s not wait for an accident to happen.

    Larry Cohen

  • Letter: Sign up now for IL Relay For Life

    We’re all set for registration for the upcoming Relay For Life season. Our event site is live at relay.acsevents.org, so be sure to get signed up and invite your friends and family to do the same.

  • Letter: So long, good luck to John Weaver

    I would like to be one of the first to say goodbye to Lancaster County Attorney John Weaver.
    Bless your heart, you did the best you could. Good luck and enjoy your retirement at the beach.

    Jane Tanner
    Indian Land

  • Letter: Let’s learn lessons of overdevelopment

    I may be a carpetbagger with little right to write this letter but, then again, I bring with me an eyewitness account as to what can happen with overdevelopment.
    Having read of the massive developments proposed off U.S. 521, I need to sound the alarm. Up North you can see every federal highway with miles of strip malls and developments. Scarcely a tree still stands.
    Now that I am here, living in the biggest development of all – Sun City Carolina Lakes – I see more coming.

  • Letter: Signs are necessary during elections

    As we go into the election season, campaign signs begin to bloom along the roadsides. Although they don’t resemble the wildflowers you might prefer to see there, they are a time-honored means for candidates to let voters know they exist and that they would appreciate the voters’ support. 
    South Carolina law says candidates have a right to put them there as long as they remain on the highway right-of-way and don’t invade anyone’s personal property without permission.

  • Letter: Stranger goes out of his way to be kind

    On Friday, Aug. 24, I dropped my wallet at the ATM on Airport Road. Arriving home, I realized it was missing and returned to the ATM, but I could not find it.
    When I got back home, a large, beige truck was coming up my road. The driver pulled over to my mailbox and said, “Your son-in-law (my next-door neighbor) has your wallet.”
    I was so upset about losing it and having it found that I thanked the young man again and again, but let him drive away without knowing his name.

  • Letter: Praising fact-based, well-made argument

    I am responding to Chandler Norville’s guest column in Friday’s Lancaster News, headlined “I fear that young conservatives will get lost in a sea of liberals.”
    I commend Mr. Norville for his fact-based, well-written, intelligent article. He is identified as a 20-year-old from Kershaw who is serving as chairman of the Lancaster County Young Republicans.
    This is welcomed assurance that, indeed, there are millennials other than those who are Bernie Sanders-driven, entitlement-seeking activists.