• Mackey letter: Mackey thanks his supporters

    I, Lancaster City Councilman Gonzie Mackey, would like to thank everyone for the support, trust and confidence to allow me to serve you for another term in office representing District 2, but truthfully representing the entire city as a whole.
    I really take my position as a city councilman very seriously. Like I stated in my first debate, I may not know everyone personally or treat everyone the same, but my promise to you was that I will treat everyone fairly. Your concerns and complaints are mine.

  • Crabtree letter: Giving thanks for unexpected things

    Thanksgiving is when, as a nation, we give thanks for the important blessings in our lives.
    For many, that likely includes family, good health, a decent job and the like. And we should be thankful if we enjoy any or all of those things.
    For some in our society, however, working hard doesn’t always produce enough income to make ends meet.
    Many rural and small town Americans depend on something that the rest of us don’t likely think about that often, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), to help get through some of the tough times.

  • Boling thanks voters for their support

    Now that the election is over and all the votes have been counted, I want to say a very special thank you to all of you who voted for me in the Cane Creek Watershed Board race. The promise that I make to you is that I will never disappoint you. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised at how hard I will work for you.

    I am looking forward to working with Ann, Amanda and Tony Sistare and all other directors to make this the best watershed possible.

  • Those who fight for our freedom are true heroes

    The men and women who have served and fought for our great country’s freedom are America’s true heroes. Many have lost their lives for our freedom.

    May God grant you the peace you deserve and may you get the reward you truly deserve. No country can come close to America, and you made it all possible. America must never fall. We back down from no one.

    For all the men and women who have fought and served our great country; for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice; we thank you.

  • System failing to keep us safe

    In reading the article, “Man wanted for attempted murder,” in the Nov. 12 edition of The Lancaster News, it’s obvious someone is not doing his or her job. A person who has been arrested and pleaded guilty 10 times in a seven-year period should never have been released to the public. Who keeps giving him probation?

    Ramond Johnson

    Indian Land

  • Sistare pledges to do his best on board

    Thank you to all who voted in this year’s election. Your vote is your right to choose who you think will do the best in that position.

    I will do my best to serve on the Cane Creek Watershed Board. I will do what I can to make sure that your tax dollars are spent in an appropriate manner for the upkeep of our county’s watershed dams, basins and spill-ways. I would also like to thank Amanda Roberts, district manager, for all her help and for the great job that she does for our county.


    Tony Sistare

    Cane Creek Watershed Board

  • WAGL was an important voice for the community

    For as long as I can remember, listening to 1560 WAGL has been a Sunday morning tradition in the households of many families throughout our city, county and beyond under the ownership of Leonard “Len” Phillips.

    The station was upgraded in transformer power and well-maintained, according to standards.

    With a lot of ambition and hard work, Phillips took WAGL to another level. And our little station became the center of mass communication, information and music in our little city and county.

  • What’s up with Indian Land’s convenience center?

    Please give us a community update on the convenience center or trash dump for Indian Land.

    We can now see that Lancaster County has sold the land at the old school site to someone so they should have lots of money now to give us back a trash dump.

    Yes, I am aware that lots of folks use trash pickup services, but there are still some old country folks here who do not want to pay for something that we pay taxes for.

  • Evil now good, good now evil

    Isaiah was right when he said woe to those who call evil good and good evil. That time is now. Truth is subjective.

    The voters of Houston elected a lesbian mayor.  Now we see that the devil and his children do not play fair; they play dirty.

    There was enough uproar to cause her  to remove the subpoena request for sermon notes.

    The progressives will not let up and are going to make your church marry homosexuals or you will be thrown into jail and your church siezed.

  • Grier letter: John Hess is for change

    In 2010, we were tired of Congress voting for more taxes and more spending and voted for a change.
    Mick Mulvaney was part of that change because we knew we couldn’t keep doing more of the same in Washington.
    Guess what? We can’t keep doing the same kind of tax-and-spend in Lancaster County either.
    That’s why I like John Hess. He’s a career financial planner who can help our county plan its finances better. He’s active in the community and helps manage the finances of individuals and businesses in our county.