• Hammond letter: Sandy Estridge best for probate judge

    Some time ago, the Holiday Inn chain’s TV advertising  campaign featured the slogan, “No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

  • Bowers letter: Jerry Holt has the right stuff

    After years of not knowing anything about the Lancaster County Probate Court, I had the chance to meet Jerry Holt, the Republican running for probate judge.
    In 10 minutes, he told me all about the office and showed me he has the knowledge and business experience we need for the office.
    I’m also excited to see our nation’s veterans stepping up to serve in public office. We can trust people who defended our country in offices like probate judge, where they will be responsible for protecting our families.

  • Cauthen letter: We need Hess on County Council

    John Hess is running for Lancaster County Council because he knows times have changed in Lancaster County.
    We need someone who will work hard to bring new jobs and industries to Lancaster. Our county has great hard-working people, we just need someone who will work to attract companies to Lancaster County.
    We need someone to give the youth a future in Lancaster. Our young people need jobs here, not in Charlotte or somewhere far away. They need hope and a future here. The youth of the county are the future of the county.

  • Republicans have made a difference, not for the better

    In a Friday, Oct 24, letter, Brandon Newton states “Republicans ready to make a difference.” I would submit that Republicans have already made a big difference and not for the better.

    The Republicans have fully controlled South Carolina for more than 10 years and the nation, directly or indirectly, for most of the last 22 years. The Democrats have only had full control at the national level from 2008 to 2010, after Bush had to lay down his veto pens and before the Tea Party took over the House.

  • Holt has experience as a leader

    Jerry Holt is exactly what we need for probate judge. He served his country in the Marine Corps, became a successful executive for IBM and now he’s been very active in Lancaster County, working for veterans groups and in the United Way. He also serves on the county planning commission.

  • Holland’s anti-Newman letter is sour grapes

    Tom Holland’s recent letter in the Oct. 1 edition of The Lancaster News, against the Republican candidate for solicitor Randy Newman, is not just sour grapes, but indicates arrogance and lack of loyalty to the Republican constituency.

    His very lack of respect for the voter is shown by his slogan, “It’s the experience, stupid.” I do not believe the people who voted for Newman are stupid.

  • Estridge is in charge of our probate court

    Allison Meadows laments ’’Who is in charge of probate court,” in her opinion article the Oct. 26 edition of The Lancaster News. 

    I am shocked that in this information age, Ms. Meadows was unable to determine the name of our sitting probate judge. I sorta wonder wherein lies the fault?

    Some holders of public office work day in and day out, quietly doing the job we elected them to do.

    Elected officials serving multiple terms must be doing something right or they would be booted out.

  • Estridge helps families make best decisions

    I went through probate with an estate in 2011. It took only a month or two to complete. Sandy and her court closed it quickly.

    Sandy Estridge is excellent in her skills about the law and knows what needs to be done. I trusted fully in her judgment.

    She believes in her job. She loves her job. She is very proficient.

    I’ve seen her work many hours beyond the normal hours. I’ve seen how she tries to make the best decision for families.

  • Estridge has probate experience we need

    I have known Sandy Estridge for over 20 years. I am writing this letter in support of her candidacy for probate judge here in Lancaster County.

    I was disheartened to hear the tone taken by her opponent in the recent forum in Indian Land, and even more disappointed in his letter to the guest column and advertisements he has used in recent editions of this paper.

    He has stated several times that our probate court ranks in the bottom one-third and that it takes 41 percent longer to settle an estate than the state average.

  • Holt is about serving the people

    Public offices require someone with a history of public service. I’m voting for Jerry Holt for probate judge because he has a long history of serving our country and Lancaster County.

    He served in the Marines and has been active in Lancaster County on the planning commission and volunteering for veterans service groups.

    Mr. Holt’s business experience and education mean he will be able to run the probate judge’s office like a business, saving time and money.