• Letter: Norrell should have raised ethics issue

    Please make the pain stop. Enough reading about the city council vote on Linda Blackmon and her back pay.
    If she was doing the job, she should receive some sort of pay for that. But what people have a problem with is the way it was handled. If council is voting about you, then by all means you should not vote.
    City Attorney Mitch Norrell said it was not his place to tell council how to vote. Whose job is it – the janitor’s?

  • Letter: Why is Kershaw gas so expensive?

    Kershaw has the highest gas prices – $2.64 and higher. Kershaw goes up first, and they are the last ones to go down.
    Camden is cheaper, and one oil company that owns a station in Kershaw owns another station in Chesterfield that has gas for $2.44 a gallon. Cheraw has gas for $2.49.
    Why are the stations in Kershaw and Lancaster ripping people off like this? You can tell where the greedy people are.

    Bub Faile

  • Letter: Random musings on incongruence

    The people who praised Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee for his beliefs are the same people who looked down on Tim Tebow for taking a knee for his.
    People who want to make guns illegal think this will stop gun violence. That really worked with drugs, didn’t it folks?
    Why do I need to own an AR-15? Why did Rosa Parks need to sit in the front of the bus? In a free country, one should not have to show need to exercise a basic right.

    Ronald Hopkins

  • Letter: Support Buck for school board

    I recently read Ken Buck’s column in your paper and I have to say that I am impressed with his stance on so many of the issues he addressed.
    I have always felt as though teachers needed to get more involved on school boards since I think they would know best what is going on in our schools and what works or does not work.

  • Letter: Vote ‘In Favor’ on rec bond, enhance Lancaster’s livability

    I voted last week – a privilege granted to those of us of a certain vintage and others with challenges that prevent them from voting on Nov. 6.
    And I voted enthusiastically “In Favor” of the $19 million bond referendum that is on the ballot.

  • Letter: Due process mattered in Kavanaugh hearing

    It doesn’t matter if you believed Dr. Ford or you believed Judge Kavanaugh. This was not a popularity contest. That is not how our justice system works.
    We have to base this kind of decision on facts, evidence and witnesses, all of which Dr. Ford was lacking.
    We are on dangerous ground here. Someone can be guilty, according to some on the left, without due process of the law.
    Our justice system may not be perfect, but there is none equal to it. In my opinion, people are too willing to throw away due process rights.

  • Letter: Reader mad about MDA fundraiser

    Alert: I’m mad!  
    The Muscular Dystrophy Association has just a two-star rating for a nonprofit by Charity Navigators, but they had an awesome firefighter outside the Indian Land Walmart taking donations two weeks ago.
    The firefighters were standing there with what looked like a fireman’s boot, which was misleading to those who were giving their hard-earned money away, myself included.

  • Letter: A huge thank you for Finally Fridays

    On the last Friday of each month from June to September, the city of Lancaster provided residents with a free concert featuring live music!
    In Pecan Park behind City Hall at 216 S. Catawba St., my family and I enjoyed an evening under the stars four times this summer. I want to give a big thank you to all those involved in the planning and setup each month.

  • Letter: I appreciate staff at my local bank

    I would like to thank the ladies at First Palmetto Bank.
    I am unable to walk now and legally blind. I have to do my banking mostly by phone.
    These ladies are an asset to the bank. They help me a lot, and I thank them all. May God bless the staff of First Palmetto. And God bless everyone else.

    Carl M. Miles Sr.

  • Letter: Blackmon vote never should have occurred

    It doesn’t take the S.C. Ethics Commission to answer this question: “Was it ethical for Linda Blackmon to vote herself $6,750 in back wages?”
    No, it wasn’t ethical.
    Why didn’t other members of the Lancaster City Council stop that vote right then and there until they could consult with the Ethics Commission to see if it was ethical for her to vote herself money? Why?