• Miles letter: A tribute to a friend

    This letter is about one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet. Larry Small and his beautiful daughter run the South 200 Grill.
    When I was about 16 or 17 years old, I carhopped for Larry’s father, Clifford, who was also someone you would have wanted to meet.
    I also grew up and played football with Larry. He was one guy you did not want to tackle you, as he did me a couple of times.
    Larry greets everyone and treats them with dignity.

  • Evans letter: Plenty of litter all over Lancaster County

    Yes, Susan Ferrara, there are laws against littering here. The real rub comes catching the offender in the act. Down here in middle Lancaster County, the litter problem also exists and throughout our state.
    Why, there are Bubba and the boys tossing their bags, wrappers and soft drink containers in the back of the old pickup. Shucks, Bubba don’t like junk in the bed of his truck; he hits the gas pedal and the trash disappears onto your beautiful Indian Land and my middle Lancaster lawn.

  • Cash letter: North Central coach thanks Buford High School staff, fans

    I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation of your staff and fans at Buford High School.
    On March 12, during the North Central and Buford JV baseball game, we had a player break his leg. While this was occurring, one of our fans had a stroke in the stands.

  • Evans letter: Isn’t anyone in Indian Land happy?

    Looking for a sunflower or maybe a four-leaf clover in Sun City Carolina Lakes? These are rare finds indeed.
    As a longtime opinion reader and sometime contributor, I am somewhat flabbergasted by the negative comments coming from many residents of our neighborhood to the north.

  • Ferrara letter: Aren’t there any littering laws here?

    I just can’t believe all the trash along the roads in Indian Land I saw this morning.
    I’ve only seen one sign by Aldi about adopting a highway and stopping littering. What good is that?
    The area along U.S. 521 has beautiful trees and shrubs and flowers and then you have tons of trash. This is not just along U.S. 521 either.
    Lancaster County should place signs with $500 penalties for littering and strictly enforce it.

  • Sistare letter: ‘Remember When’ a huge success

    Well, they did it again! The Always Ready Emergency Troupe’s Variety and Comedy Show “Remember When” was a huge success!

  • Hopkins letter: ‘Facts speak for themselves’

    The Feb. 25 rebuttal letter by James McManus, “Walker should run for vice president,” to Brooks Walkers’ Feb. 22 column, “Time to love country more than Obama,” is pathetic.
    Because he has no facts on his side, Mr. McManus uses the old leftist alternative of vilifying anyone who disagrees with Obama as “hating the president.”
    He says, “We can argue about the economy, employment and terrorism.”

  • Henderson letter: Celebrate spring by going meatless

    After a month of persistent and crippling snowstorms, I do look forward to spring weather, green grass and flowers in bloom.
    The advent of spring is also a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf on our dietary habits. In fact, hundreds of communities welcome spring on March 20 with an observance of the Great American Meatout.
    Participants are asked to go vegan, at least for the day, and to explore a healthy diet of vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes and grains.

  • Young letter: USCL a Lancaster County treasure

    Come one, come all, and take notice of a treasure in Lancaster County. That treasure is the University of South Carolina Lancaster.
    I am currently a full-time, degree-seeking student there, having retired a couple of years ago from the Lancaster County School District.
    Last semester, I decided to see if this brain was still capable of studying and learning academically. I signed up for two classes in the fall 2014 semester – psychology and speech/public communications.  

  • Evans letter: Sure hope someone is looking out for us

    Thank goodness we have some local commentators, each on a different side of the fence to sort out the Bushes, Clintons and President Barack Obama for us.
    I feel so far down the food chain that those aforementioned folks are way over my sphere of understanding.
    Remember when that old social studies teacher talked ’bout checks and balances? Well sir, I wrote my last check for affordable health care, I’m still sick and my balance is zero.