• Writer questions water supply

    I have some questions for Lancaster County Water and Sewer District (LCWSD).

    LCWSD wants its money, but its service stinks.

    We’re told to restrict our water usage. So, if we are to restrict our water usage just how is it going to supply water to Haile Gold Mine.

    Bub Faile


  • Noble’s rhetoric sounds like old Democrats

    In his column on Aug. 28, Phil Noble praises President Jimmy Carter and says that “but in the end Carter’s presidency was overshadowed by the taking of 52 American hostages by Iran radicals.

    His time in office wasn’t overshadowed by this, but his gas lines, high interest rates, high unemployment and a stagnant econo0my.

  • McCants letter: Pray for all law officers

    We all need to pray for all the men and women with law enforcement.
    My son was Deputy James Brent McCants. Brent was murdered Sept. 25, 1992. He was 23 years old. Brent was a deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department.
    This year, it’ll be 23 years later. Brent would be 46 years old.
    Thousands of our men and women are killed trying to protect even the thugs every year. They try to protect us all.
    Please pray for these men and women – they are fighting a war here.
    If they stop, what would happen to us all?

  • We need to trust God with our lives

    I woke up April 3 of this year and realized I turned 71 that day. Where did the time go?

    Life flies faster than any car, train or airplane.

    Suddenly, I realize I’m one of those “old” people we always referred to when we were younger. You realize it when you run into someone you’ve known for a long time and you can’t remember his or her name. And, of course, he or she gives me that poor-old-thing look.

  • We need to create jobs

    A large issue in the 2016 presidential election trail is the raising of the minimum wage. The biggest supporter of this raise is Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who wants the minimum wage up to $15 an hour.

    What many fail to realize is, well for one thing Mr. Sanders is a very rich man, and also, raising the minimum wage would mean the inflation of all other goods.

  • Lage won’t be missed if he moves

    In his article “Lancaster no better than Rhode Island,” John Lage gives us a laundry list of useless information as to why he left his previous blue state and threatens to move again.

    His article took up quite a bit of the opinion page; however, my response will not.

    Good-bye, Mr. Lage. Your venom won’t be missed by this reader.

    Neil Couch


  • Outreach Project seeks to empower young women

    Lauren Kornegay, project coordinator for the Lancaster County Outreach Project, gave an impressive presentation at the Indian Land Democratic Club meeting on Aug. 27.

    Kornegay’s mission is to raise awareness about the Outreach Project and to enhance the lives of abused and neglected children and adults served through the Department of Social Services of Lancaster in building a comfortable lifestyle that meets their needs.

  • Praise for sheriff well-deserved

    I gotta admit all the praise for the appearance of  the Sheriff’s Office is well-deserved.

    A  nice building with a fleet of new, clean patrol cars  speaks well of a law enforcement facility.

    There is really no comparison to former departments. Not only is this a credit to the sheriff and his staff, but to changing times and situations.

    Maybe it’s because I remember the past when my father, W.B. Evans Sr. assumed office on Dec. 1, 1944.

  • Attend school board meetings to learn more

    I read with interest Brian Endres’ column concerning the Lancaster County school board.

    I’m not sure why it was a sign of disrespect that the board sent one member to the Indian Land Action Council meeting, rather than the entire membership.

    To be honest, it seems disrespectful to James Brooks, who did appear, to say “only District 1 board member James Brooks showed up.”

  • Grateful for proposed road work, but more needed

    I read Sen. Greg Gregory’s column about roads in the Sept. 2 edition of The Lancaster News. I am glad some of these roads around here are getting a makeover.

    While this is a paltry start – it is something. The thing is we need not only our county roads fixed we need the whole state’s road system fixed.

    Gregory and his colleagues know what needs to be done to fix this problem and it’s a huge problem.

    Legislators have to stop sweeping it under the rug. The road problem is not going away.