• Letter: It’s our turn! Vote yes on rec bond

    Over the nearly three decades we have lived in Lancaster County, we have had the fortunate experiences of cheering on our three boys at soccer and baseball tournaments throughout South Carolina.
    Those tournaments will always be a part of our family’s memories. Wonderful, wholesome memories of kids playing a sport they loved and working as a team to accomplish a goal.

  • Letter: Lancaster greenway makes little sense

    I hate to be the only dissenting view on this recreation bond, but I don’t know what we need an environmental education center for.
    Most people are aware of pollution, their environment, and how they can be better patrons of those by being less – pardon the word – slobs.
    Do we need a center, costing who knows what, just to get out information that’s already out there? Just go to the web. You’ll find plenty on how you can do a better job, and how to protect our environment.

  • Letter: Recreation essential for healthy county

    According to the Trust for Public Land, “a 10-minute walk to a park is an important indicator of the livability of a community.” Recreation opportunities are an essential component that contributes to the physical and environmental health of a community.
    Many communities are seeing economic success in creating vibrant, active environments that promote healthy lifestyles. Recreation facilities and greenways increase tourism, enhance property values, and attract families and businesses to the region due to increased amenities.

  • Letter: Backing Jones-Horton in District 5 school vote

    It is our pleasure to endorse Melissa Jones-Horton for Lancaster County school board District 5.
    We observed Melissa as she progressed through the Lancaster County schools. A lifelong resident of Lancaster, she has many fine qualities that will serve this community well if she is elected.

  • Letter: We need Ken Buck’s knowledge, experience

    As a parent of three children in the Indian Land schools and a volunteer in our schools, I cannot imagine a better candidate to fill the District 7 school board seat than Ken Buck.
    Our schools need someone who understands what is going on in the classrooms and with our children, and also has the experience to deal with the issues. I know that he has over 30 years of experience as a teacher and administrator, something that our school board needs.

  • Letter: I back Studebaker for probate judge

    I would like to express my support for Dee Studebaker, who is running for Lancaster County probate judge.
    I am a local attorney, and probate work is a part of my practice.  Over the last year, I have had the good fortune to appear before Studebaker, the county’s associate probate judge, on several occasions.

  • Letter: We weren’t lucky, we were blessed

    I take exception to your Oct. 12 headline about Tropical Storm Michael: “Lucky again, as storm blows past.”
    The headline should have read “blessed again,” as Darren Player, the county emergency management director, said in the article.
    Luck had no part in both storms not devastating Lancaster County. It was God who spared our county from being torn apart. An untold number of prayers were answered.

    Carl Mintz
    Heath Springs

  • Letter: Candidate apologizes to debate audience

    Editor’s note: The writer is the Constitutional Party candidate for the 5th District congressional seat. He debated at Tuesday’s Before You Vote Forum at USC Lancaster.

    I must give a public apology to the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and the audience for my poor performance at the forum Tuesday night.
    The public attended to receive more information about the candidates. I am afraid I did not do a very good job of it. I came prepared to talk about the issues. I was thrown off focus by the questions I was asked.

  • Letter: Democratic Party favors rec bond

    This month, a presentation on the proposed Lancaster County parks and recreation bond was made at the Lancaster County Democratic Party’s monthly meeting.
    Sherri Gregory and Pamela Trimnal made a very informative – and entertaining – case for the county’s voters to cast their ballots “In Favor Of” this referendum.

  • Letter: We need a recreation culture like Rock Hill

    Over the past two decades, our neighbors on the other side of the Catawba River have made significant investments in their sports and recreation amenities.
    With annual recreation spending of $81 per resident, the city of Rock Hill sends a strong message to the region that it is a sports-minded community with a competitive spirit.