• Letter: Surprising thanks to a Vietnam vet

    On Jan. 19, I attended a Fort Mill community charity event.
    During the event, an auction was held and one of the items for auction was a beautiful Quilt of Valor made for dedication to U.S. veterans. The person who made the quilt was also the auctioneer. She choked up while explaining the importance of the quilt, but maintained enough composure to ask all veterans attending the event to stand for recognition.
    About three of us stood and received a grateful recognition from the attendees.

  • Letter: Weigh Trump critic’s clueless 2010 query about sinking Guam

    U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia’s Fourth District, recently came out with a statement about President Trump’s voters that I’ll call unbelievable.
    He said Trump supporters are less educated, less prosperous, and are dying early from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease and broken hearts caused by economic despair. Now, this is the person who, during a House committee meeting in 2010, asked if stationing 8,000 Marines on the island of Guam might cause the island to tip over and capsize. And he thinks Trump voters are less educated?

  • Letter: Immigration comments need a bit of historical context

    My letter is a response to an article in The Lancaster News last Wednesday concerning comments made by local businessman Jerry Hartley, owner of Hartley Funeral Home.
    His comment posted on social media and published in your paper was: “If you are not born and raised in this great country, you have no business being here. This is America.”

  • Letter: Democrat Rashida Tlaib’s incivility not surprising to me

    In October, TV host Stephen Colbert asked Nancy Pelosi about bringing civility back to Capitol Hill if the Democrats were to win back the House in the midterms. “Well, I think when we win, you will see evidence of that,” she said.
    Last Thursday, new Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, speaking to a room full of progressives about President Trump, said: “We’re gonna go in there and impeach the mother------.”

  • Letter: Unhappy about pothole repairs

    I recently called the state highway department because I had two large potholes in front of my driveway. They were about 6 inches deep.
    They sent workers out to fix the potholes. They put these tar balls in the holes and then took the truck and backed over them to pack them down.
    Before they could get to the end of my street – Country Club Drive, a state road – cars had knocked the tar balls out of the potholes and they were all over my driveway.

  • Letter: Prostitution arrest isn’t newsworthy

    I just picked up the Sunday edition of the Lancaster News and see that one of the prominent front-page stories is about a local man arrested in a prostitution raid.
    Providing that the women involved were not being forced to participate against their will, this is a totally victimless incident and hardly newsworthy, much less front-page material. Not only does this article appear mean-spirited, but it seems intended to humiliate the man arrested and his entire family, who in no way had anything to do with this.

  • Letter: Kudos to students for strong columns

    I’d like to say it’s refreshing to see two young people – Indian Land High School seniors Kaylah Cranor and Wil Watkins – writing about public issues in your newspaper.
    Ms. Cranor, in a Nov. 21 column, spoke up for our president. She laid out the facts and didn’t let her letter evolve into personal politics like many writers do. Kudos to her and her fine article.

  • Letter: Mormon volunteers aid hurricane cleanup

    Approximately 125 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in the Indian Land and Fort Mill area traveled to areas affected by Hurricane Florence the last four weekends and assisted in the cleanup effort.
    Specifically, they assisted residents in Fayetteville, Wallace and Wilmington, N.C. They were asked to report to their assignments on Saturday at 9 a.m., issued yellow “Mormon Helping Hands” T-shirts and worked through Sunday afternoon.

  • Letter: Appreciation for Dennis Straight

    May the good Lord bless the family of Dennis Straight and comfort them in their time of grief.  They are in my prayers, as are the victims of the fires in California. Some of them lost everything, even their lives.
    May the good Lord be with them all.

    Carl M. Miles Sr.

  • Letter: County should cut pet adoption prices

    Why is the county waiting so long to build the animal shelter that they keep saying they are going to build?
    They keep talking about all the animals that they keep getting and they keep putting a lot of them down because they don’t have enough space to keep them. Well, the price that they charge to adopt one – $100 for dogs and $80 for cats – is ridiculous.