• We need some common sense

    Can I get an amen? That’s what I wanted to shout after reading W.B. Evans’ Oct. 16 letter regarding the idiotic notion of bulding the expressway to Rock Hill.

    Thank you, W.B., it will save a majority of us from getting writer’s cramp from giving our opinion to Lancaster County Council.

    Does council actually think that this bridge/highway to York County will benefit Lancaster County? Get real.

  • Cummings an example of poor politics

    Sometimes I have to stop and wonder how in the world some of our congressmen and women get elected at all. Elijah Cummings, of Maryland, is one of them. At the hearings on Benghazi, at which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton passed the buck, Cummings ranted about the amount of taxpayers’ money being used for the hearings.

  • Washington grateful for support

    I would like to acknowledge so many people who made the first NGA Red Rose City Classic Natural Championship at the University of South Carolina Lancaster’s Bundy Auditorium on Oct. 17 possible.

    I appreciate the National Gym Association (NGA) and its president Andy Bostinto.

    Andy is responsible for laying the foundation and giving athletes and promotors like myself a drug-free platform to show case our talents and to inspire and encourage others to do the same.

  • We must stand up for what we believe

    I am an 82-year-old woman who lives alone and watches a lot of television, especially the news.

    What disturbs me is someone always trying to take God out of something. Some people wanted to take prayer out of schools.When it happened, the guns came in. See the news for the proof. Some want God taken out of what this country stands for.

    America was founded on God and it has always worked. I always heard if it works, why change?

    Now some want God out of so many things as to not offend someone.

  • Beckham was Produce Man

    A lot of life is taking things for granted. You know, a familiar face is always just where it is supposed to be.

    I, like so many of you, dash in and out of Wal-Mart most everyday to pick up a stalk of celery, a head of lettuce and maybe some fresh green beans.

    Right regular or most of the time, the Produce Man, Jimmy Beckham, was shuffling through the taters and pole beans. You know, sorta jazzing them up for a fresh appearance.

  • Get facts before criticizing

    Perhaps instead of firing off a letter to the editor about where Mick Mulvaney’s child goes to school Christine Miller should have contacted his office to ask him about his children. I’m guessing that she is not aware that he has more than one child, which it plainly states on his website. I would kindly suggest she contact his office to get all the facts before criticizing.

    Heather Breedlove


  • Please donate to help flood victims

    My name is Ryker Robinson Jr. I am a student of Kenaki Karate Association. As a part of my black belt apprenticeship, I am required to do a community service project. I would like to collect items to help the people who were affected by the flooding from Hurricane Joaquin. I would like to help these people because many of them lost their belongings in the flood. Many people don’t have water or clothes to wear. Some people have no shelter or food to eat.

  • Sabotage from within

    After all that has been going on ever since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, we the people, have been taken advantage of by an administration that has only one idea in mind, and that is to rid America for what it stands for – true freedom.

    The evidence of what I have stated is in the huge amount of people who are running for the presidency from the GOP. These people actually know what’s going on to destroy our nation. Never in the history of our great country have so many people run for the presidency in a single election process.

  • We need people contro

    In the wake of the shooting in Oregon there will be more calls for gun control. We don’t need more gun control. We need people control. Guns don’t fire themselves.

    Why is it anytime there is a mass shooting people get bent out of shape, but nothing is ever said about all the innocent people killed by drunken drivers on the nation’s highways.

    Go figure.

    Lou Nicholson


  • What’s wrong with S.C. public schools

    There was a recent article about Mick Mulvaney’s daughter being accepted to the S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics. While I’m certain he is a proud parent, I couldn’t help but notice that his daughter attended the British International School of Charlotte beforehand.
    As a congressman for the state of South Carolina, he should be sending his child to a South Carolina public school. Instead, he spends his money sending her to an out-of-state private school.