• Letter: Sheriff resolved safety issue well

    I would like to take this opportunity to extend to Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile and his officers my sincere appreciation for their assistance in resolving a serious traffic-safety problem on Highway 97.
    I recently observed and reported the problem to his office, and his officers acted in a timely manner to relay the information to appropriate personnel within the S.C. Highway Department, who promptly corrected the hazardous conditions.

  • Letter: Thanks for inspiring story on our schools

    With almost every piece of media flooded with exasperating stories of political warfare and local crime, surprisingly, I came across a delightful story in last week’s Lancaster News. This story covered a fun-filled evening for moms and their sons at Clinton Elementary School.
    Too often, the headlines of most news stories focus on the criminal acts, perceived injustices and other social problems in our communities. However, the story regarding the mother-son dance brought a blissful flash of some of the good times and things shared in our small community.

  • Letter: Blackmon has background to be good county auditor

    Allen Blackmon is an outstanding candidate for county auditor.
    I have known Allen and his wife, Jane, for 35-plus years and have watched them raise a wonderful family of two children and now two grandchildren. During this time, he has grown professionally, while at the same time, remaining an active participant in the growth and development of our community.

  • Letter: Sheriff thanks all law officers for service to community

    This week is National Police Week, a time set aside every year to remember police officers who have given their lives in sacrifice to their communities. I wanted to take a moment to express my own gratitude for the officers in Lancaster County, as well as the rest of the state of South Carolina and across the nation.

  • Letter: Bathroom solution: 1-hole Porta-Johns

    Our lame duck president fired a cannonball across the bow of the Good Ship Lollipop to show us that he still has a final card up his sleeve.
    At my age and biological gender, I qualify as a male man and am restricted to “Men’s Only restrooms.” For bunches of years that was the going rule.

  • Letter: Lucas rips Haley on farm bill veto

    Editor’s note: The S.C. House voted 112-2 Tuesday to override Gov. Nikki Haley’s veto of legislation that would provide $40 million in grants to help the state’s farmers recover from last year’s floods. Republican House Speaker Jay Lucas, whose District 65 includes parts of eastern Lancaster County, wrote this in reaction to the override.

  • Letter: Main Street needs someone to invest

    At those Chamber of Commerce get-togethers, you reckon some mention could be directed to Lancaster’s Main Street?
    Why is the spiffy-looking American Legion fairground area so seldom used? Why no fancy lights along our row of banks coming into town?
    Somebody must still own the old empty buildings on Main. Couldn’t the city ask the owners to spread a little cheerful paint on the exteriors, and drop the tax millage a little?

  • Letter: City too generous with tax-funded health benefits

    Editor’s note: This letter responds to a story about a 35 percent increase in health care premiums for the city of Lancaster and its employees.

    The front page of Wednesday’s edition must be an error! President Obama said we were going to save $2,500 per year with his Obamacare scam.
    I also think it is absurd that the city is paying 75 percent of the cost of employee health insurance, when most private sector jobs have barely 60 percent of the cost paid by their employers.
    Just more fleecing of the taxpayers.

  • Letter: To save a life, adopt a pet

    I am writing this letter on behalf of all animals in kill shelters. Our animals are being murdered. I beg the public to adopt these animals.
    I had one of the smartest cats to ever live. He could talk. His voice is on file with UNC Charlotte. He was on the TV show “That’s Incredible.” He made national news. YouTube search “Blackie the Talking Cat, Cat vs. Court” on your computer.
    But this letter is not about my cat. It is to save animals from kill shelters. Animals have personalities, just like humans.

  • Letter: Thanks for the fond memories of childhood marble shooting

    I would like to thank Mr. W.B. Evans for his May 1 article concerning the sometimes-ruthless game of “keepers” marble shooting. It brought back some fond and funny memories to this 66-year-old, and my right thumbnail still retains that shooter’s indented groove.

    Sam Wilson