• Letter: Democrats should flip sides, vote Faile

    In the spirit of the journalism adage “never bury the lead,” I’ll get right to the point and encourage every registered voter in Lancaster County to re-elect Sheriff Barry Faile.
    The position of sheriff should not be a partisan office, but it is. And Sheriff Faile is a Republican. I implore Democrats to refrain from voting a straight party ticket, and instead “cross over the aisle” to elect only the individual with the qualifications, vision and leadership necessary to maintain public safety in our community.

  • Letter: Mulvaney has paid attention to farmers

    I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor concerning Congressman Mick Mulvaney not supporting farmers, which suggested he is not worthy to be re-elected. I am a full-time farmer in the congressman’s district.  
    I have made my living farming my entire career, as did all of my forefathers. The congressman has visited my farm and has visited farms in every county in his district, as well as farms outside of his district.

  • Letter: Newcomer says thank you for solid political coverage

    I want to say “well done” for the paper you are producing. We just moved to the area from California four months ago, so I am trying to learn as much as I can about the local area socially, financially and politically.

    Your presentation of the debate/forum regarding the candidates for various local offices was a huge assistance for me in the upcoming election to learn more about local offices and candidates. 

  • Letter: ‘Clinton has no regard for human life’

    In response to Sheila Bickford’s letter last week, “Reader disgusted by Trump’s campaign,” she said that a minister put his conservative views over his moral values, but I beg to disagree. Hillary Clinton has no regard for human life with her stand on abortion.
    As for the bullying and abuse, that is caused by the way the children are being raised today and the fact that liberals will not allow just punishment for fear of not being politically correct.

  • Letter: Neither candidate can claim high morals

    While I share one of your recent readers’ concerns about the outrageous behavior of Donald Trump, I disagree with the idea that voting for Donald Trump is putting conservative views ahead of moral conscience.
    In this election, there is no candidate who can claim the moral high ground. Hillary Clinton has been shown to be a habitual liar incapable of telling the truth. She has engaged in influence pedaling and serious duplicity in her public life. If there was ever any doubt, the WikiLeaked emails settled that.

  • Letter: Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

    Mr. McCoy, I read where you said Williford Faile hired his son Barry at the sheriff’s office. Williford was a great sheriff.
    You know they say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Williford was a proven leader, and so is Barry.
    Mr. McCoy, you talk a good fight, but talk will not get the job done. You can’t solve crime with talk.
    If you want a proven leader that will get the job done, vote Barry Faile.

    Carl M. Miles

  • Letter: Voters do not need Bickford’s approval

    The dangerous thing about Sheila Bickford’s letter, “Reader disgusted by Trump’s campaign,” is that she believes people (T-shirted women, Lancaster pastor, elected representatives, office seekers) should not vote for candidates unless she, Ms. Bickford, approves of them.

    Laura Landgraff
    Indian Land

  • Letter: Worst presidential year I have seen

    What is our world coming to?
    We have young men killing one another, police officers shooting citizens, citizens shooting police officers. We have people living in poverty, and Lancaster County has a homeless population that no one even notices.
    Drugs and violence have sucked the life out of our communities, and people are losing their jobs and their homes, or struggling to make ends meet working more than one job. We have countries getting the upper hand on us. We have terrorism running rampant.

  • Letter: Fran Person gets this farmer’s vote

    Mick Mulvaney has enjoyed a six-year vacation in Washington, D.C., and it is time he returns home! His plan is to move into the governor’s office in two years anyway.
    He cannot show one thing that he has accomplished for this state and, worse, he has voted against our military’s budget. Mulvaney says he voted against a defense bill because it was a terrible bargain and that he has encouraged Republicans to freeze or reduce defense spending.

  • Letter: Founders fireworks was unconscionable

    Shame on Founders Federal Credit Union.
    To end your Employee Appreciation Celebration at 9 p.m. on an October Saturday night in the City of Lancaster with a fireworks display – not firecrackers or sparklers, but loud, explosive booms that shook the house – is unconscionable. Really!