• Letter: Don’t use taxes to help Panthers

    The number of jobs created by the new Panthers facility isn’t the issue. The issue is the use of taxpayer money to subsidize a private business – which the Panthers are – and that’s wrong.
    Even more wrong is the use of taxpayer money for this purpose when cash-strapped governments struggle to finance such basic public programs as schools, transportation, parks, etc.

  • Letter: Smollett case just makes no sense

    So let me see. If I lied about two black men wearing Obama hats attacking me, yelling racial slurs, pouring bleach on me, tying a noose around my neck and beating me, all I would have to do to walk away free is complete 18 hours of community service and forfeit $10,000 in bail?
    I think not!
    But that’s what happened to Jussie Smollett, the “Empire” actor who lied about being the victim of a hate crime. He did two days of community work with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition and forfeited his $10,000 bail.

  • Letter: Loved spring welcome from Dianne Evans

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading last Wednesday’s featured column of Mrs. Dianne Evans. It was a well-written piece that contained much truth.
    Thank you, Mrs. Evans, for welcoming spring in such a fitting manner.
    I’ve always enjoyed reading pieces from my former professor. This one was extra special!

    Neil Couch

  • Letter: Thanks, TLN staff, for exposing truth

    We rely on and expect our local newspapers and news stations to report the truth. And we should be offended when someone tries to control the content of truth.
    The incident whereby Eddie Moore, mayor of Heath Springs, who was reported as being a pastor for a good part of his life, trying to influence what should or should not be reported leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As it should in yours.
    I would like to thank Brian Melton and his staff, once again, for reporting and exposing the truth.

    Patricia J. Frantz

  • Letter: No engine braking at 3 in the morning

    I have a problem with trucks using their engine braking at the corner in Heath Springs turning towards Kershaw and Flat Rock Road.
    I understand the use of the brake, but not at 3 or 5 or 6 a.m. It literally shakes the windows.
    I talked to the town hall and was told that they would contact the S.C. Department of Transportation. Hope something can be done soon so I can get some sleep.

    Ray Mozingo
    Heath Springs

  • Letter: Litter = bad marketing

    Today while traveling along routes 521, 9, 21, 5 and 522, I was struck by the visible volume of trash plus land for sale signs.
    My wife and I have retired to Lancaster County, and we have been enjoying the benefits of this thriving area. I was a former marketing manager in the chemical and industrial gas industry. Just to be clear, marketing is preparing to sell your product, and sales is going out and selling it.

  • Letter: Thanks for a kind act

    On March 4, my husband and I were in Lancaster at Zaxby’s ordering our food, and a lady that I do not know handed the cashier money and told her she was paying for our meal.
    I told her thank you, but she left so quickly, I didn’t get her name.
    I wish I knew her. I couldn’t believe that she did that for us. We appreciate it so much. There are still good people in the world.
    I hope she sees this and knows how much we appreciate this.

  • Letter: Parents, teachers must counsel kids on e-cigs

    In her column about vaping in the Feb. 27 paper, Becca Davis made some very good arguments, but she left out one critical aspect of the debate over e-cigarettes – the role played by parents, teachers and other responsible adults.
    Use of e-cigarettes by minors not only causes physical harm, but mental and emotional damage to them as well. I can’t help but think that these behavioral changes have escaped the eyes of parents and teachers, as well as any drug paraphernalia that they carry with them and use for their habits.

  • Letter: Jimmy Brown a man of his word

    I enjoyed Sunday’s Lancaster News article about Jimmy Brown, the county’s first black deputy, in celebration of Black History Month.
    Jimmy did a lot for me and my late wife. When he closed his restaurant, he sent all the food that was left to me and my wife. Sometimes at Thanksgiving I would ask him if I could get two plates until payday, and he would always let me have them.

  • Letter: Wall part of a bigger solution

    A wall by itself is not the answer to illegal immigration. It’s one of many steps, such as fixing the visa program and lowering those numbers, securing our northern border and stopping the catch-and-release program.
    Walls do work. Just ask Israel. Many of those who hate President Trump’s wall have walls around their mansions or their gated communities.