• Volunteers reason for Boo FunFest success

    On Oct. 30, the city of Lancaster hosted its annual Boo FunFest in historic downtown Lancaster. City Hall parking lot became a place where the children of Lancaster could gather for an evening of games and treats without the tricks.
    From 4-7 p.m., children of all ages filled the streets to enjoy free popcorn, punch and games. What originally began as a safe Halloween alternative for children to trick-or-treat, Boo FunFest has grown to become an annual Halloween destination for families throughout Lancaster. More than 3,000 people attended this year’s event.

  • Library, its employees vital to county

    I would like to ask the public to treat Lancaster County Library employees with respect.
    I would also like to ask county officials to consider pay raises for the employees and more funding for the library.
    I visit the Lancaster County Library three to four times a week.
    I have seen people who come in to the library who are very disrespectful to the employees there.

  • Flag display was not appropriate

    Why did our local post office fly our national flag at half staff on Nov. 10 and 11? Did a directive come from Washington? Did President Barack Obama issue a proclamation? Have the rules of flag etiquette been changed?
    If this is in commemoration of Veterans Day, it is not an appropriate display of the flag.
    Veterans Day is a day to honor our veterans – not a day of mourning our dead.
    We honor the memory of our deceased veterans on Memorial Day. On that day, the flag is flown at half staff until noon and then it is raised to the top of the staff.

  • Class reunion like being a kid on Christmas morning

    The 1965 Barr Street High School class reunion was a blessing in disguise. Robert Cureton, our class president, was right when he said, “It was like being a kid on Christmas morning.” I hope our classmates felt the same way.

  • Time to end frivolous lawsuits

    Does our South Carolina court system provide justice for all? Or does the system leave some feeling victimized by the very system we trust to provide justice? Is there a need for reform in our state’s judicial system?
    Maybe you know someone who has been victimized by a system that fails to hold attorneys accountable for the suits they file in our court system. Frivolous suits, even if dismissed, can cause unwarranted stress and financial burdens for the innocent victim. Should justice put the burden on the innocent? Or should justice punish the guilty?

  • Slagle’s niece grateful for recognition

    I would like to thank Don McCorkle for his Veteran’s Day editorial remembering “Ol’ Harry Slagle.” Harry was my uncle, my mother’s brother, and they were very close.
    Harry loved “Happy Acres” and he spent three-fourths of the year there. In the winter months, he lived in a small camper next to our house so Mama could cook for him and make sure he was warm.
    Harry never talked about his experience as a POW and he lived a very simple, almost secluded life.

  • It's time for winners to get to work

    I got up morning of Nov. 3 to see that the Republicans have won back the U.S. House. Good, now let’s get back to work on fixing America.
    OK, you’ve won. But if you go back to the days when Republicans had control over both House and Senate – when nothing was accomplished but spending, spending, spending – you will be held accountable for what you do.
    The spending started under President George W. Bush. He was not a true conservative, and the Obama administration added turbo spending.

  • True measure of our country's strength

    Years ago, I had an opportunity to instruct a young girl whose parents were from another country. During my time with her, I learned a lot about her and her family. She told me a story that stayed with me through the years.

  • Sunday alcohol sales just a tax revenue issue

    In response to Heather Breedlove’s letter regarding Sunday alcohol sales, I’d first like to say, I find its placement on the page ironic, if not comical, right next to the article entitled “Chamber wants you to Think Lancaster First.”
    Secondly, I must say I find it bewildering how Ms. Breedlove tries to make a connection between so many random things and Sunday alcohol sales.
    As far as U.S. 521 turning into a major thoroughfare with stop lights and heavy traffic flow, that ship sailed when Walmart broke ground.

  • Line at ILHS kept couple from voting

    My husband and I are senior citizens, retired and living in Cobblestone. We have both voted since we have been able to, in many states throughout our married life, as my husband is retired military (U.S. Coast Guard) and we’ve lived in many places.