• Only one woman running for Senate seat

    Wendy Petzel is running for the S.C. State Senate District 16 seat and is the only woman candidate.
    When elected, voters will send Wendy to be the only woman in the current state Senate. South Carolina women are grossly under-represented at the tables of power, where public policy decisions are made. South Carolina ranks 50th – last in the nation in terms of women in public office.

  • Choose physicians and senators wisely

    All the candidates running for the state Senate seem to be nice and sincere people. But, when your health is at risk, you choose your physician based on experience and reputation first and foremost.
    This should also be the criteria you use when choosing your next state senator, who will be treating our state and local economies that are in such poor health.

  • Carnes in race to serve people in District 16

    I am writing this letter to encourage citizens of Senate District to support Brian Carnes for the S.C. Senate District 16 seat. Let me tell you why I ask you to consider this. Mr. Carnes has proven that he has a strong work ethic. That is obvious after serving on the local school board for more than eight years. He is a strong, principled leader in the community, former firefighter and respected businessman.

  • Carnes has a ‘servant’s heart’

    I can’t express how strongly I feel about Brian Carnes running for the S.C. Senate District 16 seat to replace Mick Mulvaney, who just went to represent us in Washington in the U.S. House District 5 seat. I have never been so driven toward writing a letter of support for anyone as I am for Brian.

  • Council on Aging grateful for contributors

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated gifts to the Lancaster County Council on Aging in December 2010 for our Shoebox for Seniors project. The project was started about eight years ago and it continues to grow each year.

  • Carnes understands issues facing state

    Brian Carnes is a true conservative who stands for traditional values that the people of District 16 desperately need. Brian is a lifelong member of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church in Indian Land. Brian has a strong passion for his community, serving as a former volunteer firefighter and now chairman of the Pleasant Valley Fire Commission. He knows the needs our of civil servants and why we must support these men and women who put it all on the line daily for us.

  • IL Community Clean-up set April 2-9

    Melvin Threatt said in the story, “Mulvaney backing Gregory at Sun City,” in the Feb. 4 edition of The Lancaster News that Sun City was the place to be if you are a candidate. Threatt, who organized the event at Sun City, went on to say, “If you want votes, this is where you should be.”
    Mr. Threatt, I must say that I am an Indian Land native, and I also hope, that I am a voice for many Indian Land natives.

  • Liberal left destroying our country

    I’d like to answer to Stephen Winn’s letter, “Hopkins not practicing what he preaches,” in the Jan. 26 paper. It’s quite apparent that he didn’t understand the gist of my comments.
    I was referring to the revolting display of the left’s lack of morals when, immediately after the Arizona shooting, they tried to place the blame on conservatives, such as the tea party, Sarah Palin, talk radio and others. This occurs every time there is a horrible tragedy.

  • Wreck victim, family grateful for help

    I want to say thank you to our fire department, ambulance service and rescue service people. Their fast response and great work saved the life of our granddaughter, Amber McManus.
    She was in a wreck on Dec. 1, 2010. They prepared her to be airlifted to CMC on the scene. They wasted no time to get her ready. It was a great job.

  • County needs to fix all roads – not just IL

    I am writing to complain about the condition of Taxahaw Road in Lancaster and Kershaw counties. This road runs from S.C. 903 in Lancaster across to S.C. 265 in Kershaw. I have lived off of Taxahaw Road for the past 20 years and it has always been in bad shape.
    Other than a few tar patches now and then by the S.C. Department of Transportation, there has not been anything done to this road to significantly improve it.
    Ever since the last major accumulation of snow in this area, this road has been in worse shape than ever.